Show us your modular system


I love your racks so much. :black_heart:


It seems to me that would only work with sliding nuts, and not the threaded rails of Intellijel cases. A good idea nonetheless.


Ah… I’ve not used an Intellijel case, so sliding nuts are all I know.


What kind of case are you using for this?


It’s this one with power from Trogotronic.

I drilled a hole on the side to get rid of that awful power module and free up some valuable hp’s.
I bought it second hand and I had never heard about the manufacturer before I got this case.


My current live setup


What are you currently using the Organelle for? I have recently got one and just starting to explore how to integrate it with my modular so would love to hear what you find works well!


I’ve a lot of use cases for the organelle. But at the moment I use it mostly to Granual external audio material ( Granular Freezer), but also for loose Beats and rhythms ( Stereo Rhythmicon). In addition to the trillions of available patches, I started to convert some of the Martin Brinkman PD - Patches ( it’s a Goldmine :slight_smile: )


That’s interesting, I hadn’t heard of Martin Brinkman, it really does look like a goldmine. Are you posting any of the patches on patchstorage at all? I’m starting to try and replicate some of my favourite eurorack effects in an effort to properly learn Pure Data.


my favourite use of my Organelle is for sequencing eurorack (via hermod) , as there are some pretty interesting sequencers for the organelle.
I sometimes also use it for FX (clouds/reverbs mainly) , and also for drum hits.

what id like to sort out, is to use it for recording/playback audio… there are a few patches, but none that Ive gelled with yet.

thats the great thing about the Organelle, it can turns its hand to many different things depending upon what you need… and its form factor is excellent.


New 4ms pod case!


just curious - any specific reason you went with the Tiptop power instead of the integrated 4ms option? those pods are such a great idea!


Which Organelle sequencers do you like?


I don’t know the power draw of that set of modules for sure but the amperage provided by the powered pods is a little bit tight? I think they were more designed to power two or three high-HP things than six or eight regular modules. The unpowered ones are delightful cases though.


Not sure if I’m keeping ears and optomix but so far so good.
I kinda want to get another maths


I would also suggest that if you already have the tiptop power, getting unpowered pod is just cheaper.

I think that is a 60hp pod, and the power supply on it from 4ms, if I remember it correctly, was 1.4A on the 12v line. So not too shabby at all.


It’s possible that I read the stats wrong. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing®


Would also be interested to hear what sequencers you like using? So far I’ve only really thought of the Organelle as a kind of all in one effects pedal for the modular, but excited to explore all the possibilities.

I have a Mutable Instruments CVpal PCB lying about somewhere that I’ve been meaning to build if I can get hold of an ISP programmer. I’m guessing that should work to convert Organelle MIDI out to CV/Gate - if so that would be a super tidy little set up!


current state


thinking about adding a second 3sis+cold mac, a worng vector/malekko axis, and maybe a god’s box loose fruit
any ideas?