Show us your modular system


Double JF! :sparkling_heart:

I’ve had that idea revolving around my head for a while. Like, just imagining the possibilities of cross modulated JF modulating something else makes me want another one…

Do you use them both for modulation or keep one as a voice?


Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster! Here’s my lil system :blush:


one always as just type, the other one i use bot lfo/env or oscillator


Three reasons: the 60hp has two daisy chained power sources inside, and on the manual it clearly states that you should equally distribute your modules over the two power sources (didn’t sound good to me). Second reason is that I’m planning on building a usb powerbank power supply for this case. Third one is that it’s cheaper :slight_smile:
Just keep in mind that the uzeus just baaaaaarely fits inside


Here’s mine… a flexible jack-of-all trades setup with digital and analogue voices. Offers 3 relatively simple but still very playable voices when performing live (Plaits, STO FMed by the Pico Voice, Radio Music into Rings) and plenty of scope for more complex patching in the studio.

Not really sure what I want to do with the 10HP I’ve got left…


Hello! I’m new around here, and to modular… and to making music if I’m being honest. (“Traditional” methods never really clicked for me.)

I thought I would start off by sharing a picture of my unruly electronic daughter, Abigail:


New Pod!


Those pods are so bad for me. Every-time I see one, I just keep thinking about how perfect that they are to make little instruments with.


posted the full setup in pics, but here is a closeup of the modular in its current state. I recently replaced my Klee sequencer with Brains/pressure points/Rene2. This is the first patch with those instead of the Klee.


After about a year of acquiring modules and swapping them in and out of my little 42 hp skiff, I finally got a bigger case and can enjoy building full patches with all my modules as opposed to 3-4 modules in a skiff. Really digging it.


I have a similar setup, how is chronoblob? Thinking to buy one second hand, or buy the new one.


Chronoblob’s a lovely and versatile delay – my favorite one in hardware so far. Though mine could be threatened by the incoming ER-301. :slight_smile:


Loving the chronoblob so far, but it is my first euro delay and I have been wanting a delay for a long time so I might be overenthusiastic about it so far. Its cv inputs and attenuverters are super handy and the stereo is such a welcome addition. I feel like my main concern with it is that it seems to have a slight bit of noise, im wondering if anyone else with a chronoblob 2 has noticed that?



Sold everything, started from the bottom, now we’re here. I’ve never had a more playable modular synthesizer instrument.

It also is really… really… visually pleasing.


i’ve been GASing for instruo modules for a few months and this does NOT help lol. so curious about the scion - how do you like it?


Beautiful, have you got any photos of it? Would also love to hear how you are using the Tanh as I’ve been pretty intrigued by it for a while?


really loving the way you’ve separated the rows where it is sound stuff/dense modulation and then playable stuff on the bottom. I think it would be super fun and creatively stimulating to set things like “only use row 2”, “only use row 1 plus the complex osc”. Nice.


So much Instruo! I’m jealous, I love my Cš-L and wish I had all of its siblings.


I really, really, REALLY love instruo’s designs. I’ve been considering getting rid of my TSNM for a harmonaig, but I’ve made a commitment to this instrument and it’s little brother which I’m still toying around with.

@barnjazz It’s really lovely for timbrel flourishes with the Ts-L and Cs-L with the built in touch plate. I haven’t hooked it up to any plants yet (I know…), but it’s a keeper so far for that ability alone. It also pairs very nicely with Ornament and Crime given the 4 cv outs for more generative patches.


I need to swap over my sloths faceplate to black and I’ll take some photos for ya! I use tahn for two things, primarily.

  1. it’s really nice to have a waveshaper independent of those built into the Ts-L and Cs-L. I sometimes run one of the basic waveforms into it > the unity mixer in order to have an extra waveshaper on deck.
  2. Everyone who owns a Clouds should own a tanh. Clouds was so hard to find sweet spots with until I grabbed a tanh to manage some of the feedback.

In terms of playability, there’s no perfect location for the tanh in my case, but I’ll probably shift it to the right of the traigh so it’s more central for both uses.

Oh… and if you’ve never put a cycling EG through a waveshaper, you’re missing out.

@jlmitch5 The entire design of this is premised on routing a patch (top) that will be practiced (bottom). I tried a bunch of different configurations, but this is the division that stuck! Those types of restraints would definitely be fun, will try them and report back :slight_smile: