Show us your modular system


Are you using Vector Space without a joystick, to get variations from other modulation sources? interesting idea…


Yep, I feed it VCOs, LFOs, three René CV outputs, envelopes, in various combinations. It’s become central to most of the patching I do these days.


The system you are planning looks extremely fun and playable.

Is the Sound Stage as intuitive as it looks? I am taking the jack placement in the representation of the room very literally - the further the sound is from center stage will be its place in the stereo image and sounds farther back will be quieter than sounds up front.


Soundstage isn’t available yet so I can’t speak from personal experience. More info in the Worng Electronics thread:


For the soundstage, left/right is indeed for stereo placement (similar to Nearness in that regard). Up/down jacks placement changes some filtering, so it’s more about frequencies than volume.



Maybe a silly question since I don’t suspect it’s the star of the case, but anything notable—good or bad—about the VCA4p?

I’ve never had anything by Bubblesound, and I don’t see them discussed much in these parts. Trying to decide between this, the ever-popular Tangle Quartet (which lacks the expo mode), and the Qauttro Figaro, which while 2hp more, has some other fun bells & whistles.


I just picked it up, but it feels very similar to the tangle quartet. Haven’t played with the exponential mode much, but it’s definitely a bonus!


How are you liking Falistri?


The guys at CTRL always have good things to say about Bubblesound, they appear to be a really great value. I’d say a safe bet. I’ve owned the 6 channel mixer and dig it, only reason I sold it was I realized for something I tweak that much I’m not a fan of the smaller knobs.



I’ve only had it a few days, but it’s taken a bit for me to wrap my head around. Still not completely there (especially with the bottom two sections).


Also got a Falistri this week. I will say that, as a former owner of Sapel, I have found Falistri to be more intuitive than Sapel, which I always struggled with, and eventually sold.

(I got the Sapel right around the time that Marbles came out, which couldn’t have helped Sapel’s case either :sweat_smile:)


Had a look at the Falistri after seeing your post. It looks mega. Can you offer any insights as compared to Maths / Just Friends / Cold Mac / similar mad swiss army knives?


I’ve had Falistri for about a week now and think it great. It’s a little slimmer than Maths. I like the horizontal layout of the function generators rather than the vertical maths and the knobs have more resistance than Maths knob which I found rather loose. The linear vs exponential rise/fall changes don’t affect overall function length which is an improvement on maths IMO. I also like having the little attenuverters on the function out. The bottom half of falistri adds functions that maths doesn’t have but loses some of the mixing/complexity of maths. This is fine by me because I always had a difficult time controlling the maths contortions (I think I needed an oscilloscope). The multi frequency divider, Ring Mod/VCA, and slew limiter are easy to use tools that don’t give me the cold mac headaches.


Here’s my current setup. Increasingly converging on a Black and Gold System analog.


My mish mosh of a modular synth. Sometimes I feel like the goal is to build the most un-thought out system and then patch as many cords in as possible and try and make something that is still sounds like it could be “music” in quotes because I think the sound of whales talking is music.


100 :100: percent ‘whales’




This picture is after some recent changes towards making a more playable/enjoyable system, which for me mainly involved getting rid of mini pots and menu screens.

I also find I approach patching much differently when I have the Tempi/Rene skiff in front of my system vs when I don’t, so it’s nice having it as an optional add-on type thing.