Show us your modular system


got a good used deal on these mannequins modules all together and got caught out with too few cables, waiting for the cable (delivery) guy :stuck_out_tongue: listening to three sisters beatbox lol :slight_smile: kind of a good limitation to force me to try to understand them one at a time for the next few days though!


its a lot of fun that foursome! my only advice would be to spend a lot of time doing some semi-blind patching, just plugging outputs into strange inputs, self-patching, etc. these modules really open up when you get weird with them. and use the JF run modes :smiley:


Hello Txi ! Hello El Capistan ! :heart_eyes:


12u feels a bit excessive at times (was happy with 9u!), but pretty damn happy with this system as a portable, playable, fully-voiced, performance instrument. Completed with OTO BAM in Ferry send-return loop for main reverb and grids for sequencing.


System looks great! You have a lot of voices and not a lot of obvious sequencing. I’m curious how you manage all of it.


Lovely system! I’m curious what kind of uses you find for Hermod - do you mostly use it as a sequencer, or as a midi/cv interface?


I traded Akemie’s at some point for a Verbos Complex Osc. I love the Complex Osc and use it more often…but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss Akemie’s. :slight_smile:

Lovely system! I dig the dual maths, under a fistful of LPGs. :metal:


wowzers. looks great fun this


what is that black case?


Looks like the Trogotronic m-168.


I actually keep it really simple (well, talking performances anyway, in the studio it’s all treated as different tools that aren’t always all used together). I use ansible running kria as my master sequencer, using the Mangroves for my main melodic duo, STO for bass, and Amekie’s Castle for simple harmonic movement and drones (kind of chordal). The Beast’s Chalkboard is useful for doubling up any sequences with more than one voice if I want. Akemie’s Taiko and Elements form my percussion (often with Quantum Rainbow for “hats” too), generally driven by tthe trigger outs of Marbles. Elements is sometimes also used for drones. Morphagene is used as a buffer between different sequences/sections in a performance, or used to remix everything else. Marbles is useful to add variation to melodic lines (A/B’d through a switch), and there’s also Pressure Points, but I’m mostly using that for modulation rather than melody. I don’t really use Just Friends or Sisters and voices in a performance context.


I’ve considered moving on the AC on more than one occasion for another complex oscillator, but am glad that I haven’t. It can be pretty unwieldy at times, but it’s so incredibly flexible and gives me that FM sound (though I wish you could un-quantize the multipliers), and I love its lo-fi character. The longer I have it better I’m using and taming it. So good for drones, arps and percussion. I still feel like there’s a lot more I could be getting out of it with clever patching. It would work really well in a small focused system.


Cool. Thanks for the insight! When you say you A/B Marbles, you mean between Ansible and Marbles? Are you using Marbles record mode in this situation or just random Marbles noodles? I’m considering the former myself, so I am curious.


Yep, A/B’ing between Marbles and ansible via an Acid Technology Switchblade, and using the external CV in so that Marbles is following a sequence from kria, so no fully random sequence.


Would love to hear some recordings of the system, especially anything featuring Akemie’s Castle (+ drone stuff w/Elements) / Taiko… yr setup looks quite capable and awesome-sounding.


Dope. Glad to hear that works well. I have the exact same thing in mind. Need to reacquire a Marbles first. :metal:

I’d also like to hear your rig in action.


thanks, i saw the [pulplogic] ( cases that look similar but smaller.


New recordings with this full setup coming soon, but for now I have some clips on my Instagram:

And you can hear the Akemie + Elements combo all over my album that came out back in July:


the setup while I wait for QPAS and Zadar, also the closest I’ve gotten to having one row be all-black :nerd_face:


What will you take out for the QPAS and Zadar?