Show us your modular system

Love them! Both the music and the dogs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you!
The case is custom. This was the first full fledged prototype and its powder coated steel however I have plans to make it shallower and use aluminum for the next run. I’ll be making a couple 84 and 104hp for myself and a pal and have plans to make a few extras if anybody is interested.
It’s 4u plus an additional top row that fits 4hp modules sideways with some creative faceplate solutions. I integrated the row power up there to save space as well as a switch and some Cinemag transformers as a final output. This way I can run the switch (and grid) off the row power with the expander barrel cable and eliminate any noise. I’m a big fan of minimizing cables and those Cinemags do sound nice with some DC offset


Hi. Ive been lurking for a few months, but now that Ive fully committed to eurorack, I figure its time to jump on in. I bought my first piece of gear (digitakt) last june, then dove headfirst into modular about a month ago. A friend sold me a bunch of his stuff in bulk, and i have since been adding to it, and swapping things out.

so here I am currently. Just bought tides2 this week, and I loooooove it. The maths is borrowed, so that is likely my next purchase. I also want a proper delay. etc etc etc…


You’ve got a nice friend!!!


how do you like the microgranny? she and the organelle are looking unloved behind that mess of wires :frowning: lol

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I could easily write an overly long response to this.

basically had no intention of getting into modular just yet, but then went from 0-100 in no time, so yeah the organelle and the granny are sad and lonely right now.

I love them both, despite some criticisms i have. I know I could incorporate them back into the fold one day, but right now i feel like i have a good years worth of learning what i have in the rack and am pretty focused on just that (and the digitakt).



Last picture of my skiff before my Intellijel 7u arrives this week. Just welcomed a three sisters and quad vca to the party.


The latest addition to my setup, traded all modules in my sequencer skiff for a Polyend Seq and Polyend Poly.
Really like the hands-on workflow.


Ugh… I sold my Seq a while back and you’re making me miss it.

All DIY. I am building this since summer 2016.

The free spaces are soon to be filled …


Finally got my modular consolidated into a new case. Aside from setting up my pedals along the top of the case, an incoming Tallin and ADDAC200PI, and a 3DWaves stand for my Volca and SQ-1, this is how it’s going to be for the next several months at least:

The case is a MDLRCASE 12Ux114HP in birch. Pyrography was done by my spouse:


This is my current setup, until the next module swap evening…


Recording in bed a few nights ago.


That Volca Modular is just too cute next to your Leviathan of a case :black_heart:


“Though she be but little, she is fierce”


Gotta go test her out one of these days

What are those little red bins? I think I need something like that.

They’re just little red bins :grin:

I think I got them at Harbor Freight or someplace like that (discount hardware store). Useful for smallish-but-not-too-small things like adapters, jack lights, cable ties, patch wires for the Volca Modular, 2-4HP modules you haven’t boxed up yet, etc. I avoid putting screws or those tiny plastic jumpers in them because they knock over more easily than it looks like they should.


I love that focus. See how far you can go with just a few modules in a skiff. Makes me want to do the same. :slight_smile: #goals