Show us your modular system


That’s kind of a cliche around here :slight_smile: Not everybody takes the same paths.

At about 2.5 years in, I’m going through kind of a consolidation of my modular, but it’s still going to be 456HP (albeit with a few blank panels for now), and tied to a DAW and a small cluster of other gear. That’s what works for me :slight_smile: Pics as soon as that new case arrives and I get it moved in…


Voiced the beauty of this system on IG already but oh my how it’s beautiful :black_heart:


MN Skiff not complete yet… but we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile:


I dunno if I’m quite to “minimal pods” level, but my path to 104HP follows yet another road, not motivated by, like, amazing aesthetics, but more being (à la Azealia Banks) “broke with expensive taste”.

Your rack looks beautiful :slight_smile:


I really believe there are strengths in limitations, which is why I’m loving these smaller racks. When I got the Buchla I was amazed at how much could be done with relatively few tools. Anyway, it’s a journey I guess?



A home base from which to explore. Mangrove and Three Sisters make up a “complex oscillator” in the sense that they’re receiving the same pitch, FM-ing each other and their output is combined via the Cold Mac manual’s Logical Crossfade patch. Trying LPG before filter (thx, QPAS), High and Low crossfaded via Cold Mac, All out to W//, W// to LPG to Offset. Kria sequences the oscillators, the filter cutoff, and W// pitches. Just Friends for Just Envelopes :sunglasses:.

Did a fair bit of Teletype thinking to make sure recording to W// programmatically never results in bits stuck on the tape at loop points, also making sure W// stays relatively in sync.

There’s even room to grow! Plenty of space for Teletype, Maths and the bottom two rows of Cold Mac to get involved, probably mostly to add movement to the sound. We’re gonna let that problem marinate and focus on communion with Kria though.

Sequencers… really hard to get used to writing with for me personally, somehow. Taking little bites out of the problem at the end of the day. The meta-sequencer seems like the answer, so the question is finding interesting ways to feed it while still allowing for phasing.


At that stage in my modular journey where I need a whole lot less in order to make more.


This is where I’m at with trying to learn René 2. I can produce some fun patch ideas, but I really need to figure out how to make my sequences and patches evolve. Although surprisingly whenever I record a patch, six or seven minutes just fly by, and I don’t really get too bored when I listen back.


not using just type or w/ type? any reason or wisdom u can impart on an imminent teletype owner?


Very nice! What computer / op system do you link up with?


Unless I’m missing something I can’t see any mocking taking place? Both your post and that of @bradleyallen seem unconnected, and both equally valid as different opinions.


If I am wrong I have no problem apologizing and smoothing things over.


Unless i’ve missed something or a post has been deleted it looks like that post wasn’t even after one of yours in the thread, and doesn’t seem to be a reply to one of yours at all or make any reference to something you posted, so yeah probably an idea :slight_smile:


I’m just going to say I misunderstood. My apologies. Fixed it all up.


I’ve been performing with this (predominantly) Make Noise system for 3 years now, with only minor updates to the configuration… A testament to their instrument design!
Just stuck a QPAS in for a gig last weekend, felt a bit odd playing without the Erbe-Verb though (used a pedal instead).
I often swap out the Morphagene for the Phonogene, as I totally adore the PG sound, but prefer the MG for live stuff (apart from the bloody auto-levelling)


I am using W/ Type, effectively to hit record, and I used one Just Type command to set the amplitude of one of the envelopes to be lower than usual.

Definitely do the Teletype and Just Type studies! I learned a lot quickly that way. After that… for me the key has been to not stress about it. It’s easy to feel like you need to have grand designs with Teletype, but you should let them grow slowly over time. E.g. I’m using a whole script in my patch to take a 5V gate from Ansible and output a 10V “pulse” from one of the CV outs. Eventually I’m sure I’ll write a Teletype scene that involves all of the massive power it has, but for now I’m just going to use it however it’s useful.


I’m sorry but I did not see your previous post before making my own.


Thank you. I use the Windows version of the Nord Modular Editor v3.03 via the Wine compatibility layer running on a MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) with the current macOS Mojave Beta (developer seed). My MIDI interface for patching is an iConnectivity mio2.

I’m in the process of developing Launch Control XL user templates for the Nord Modular which will be extra useful for when I’m connected away from the computer using a MIDI host like the Oplab.


My 90hp 6u is done… for now. :grin:

I just swapped out one of my Peaks for an nRings, and suddenly I’m running out of modulation in my patches! Not always a bad thing though, I tend to keep patching until I run out of sources, so now I have to be a little more deliberate.

I have so much to learn about René and Tempi. I know they hold the key to me being able to perform with just this rack, but they’re both so deep and confusing. The Make Noise videos are great though, and it’s nice that I have my modular right next to the computer now for learning sessions!


This case is often one I use to focus from the glut of eurorack I have acquired. I find it refreshing to have a smaller, consistent instrument that is self-contained. That said it has gone through some recent changes with new IME MKIII modules and I added Zadar about 10 minutes ago. If Mr. Jaeger releases the Andore Jr module, I will replace the Quadra and expander with two of those.