Show us your modular system


Haven’t had a blank slate in over a month… Possibly all year!


Mutant techno duo set this week. Trying to work within this framework for fun :slight_smile:


It’s nice, every now and then, to unplug it all and give the synth a clean. These are beautiful objects, my friends!


super excited for thursday :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Reshuffle things to get the QPAS mounted:


Getting very close to what I want :). Feeling very happy about the system now after about 5 years of changes. Mainly PP, the Doepfer switch, Stages and Morphagene slightly up for debate at the moment :). And a new external mixer coming soon.

(Patch partly pulled out, selling the pedal I/O as the new mixer will handle sends.)


Went through some heavy upgrades recently



This photo makes me want to move my Eloquencer into its own case. It definitely makes for a strong Pod candidate.


you may want to, if you have a small-ish case as I do.
I have the eloquencer since a year or so but I don’t use it all the time, I mostly improvise the rhythmic patterns with the launch codes (excellent module).
optional standalone sequencing pod = logistically appropriated.


I have a biggish setup (18u), but I feel breaking the Eloquencer out would give me more comfortable access.

Interesting that you use it in a more improvisational way. I tend to use it when I’m engaged in more “intentional” or conventional writing. It’s great that it can support such a range of applications!


intriguing. what’s to the left of FH-1?


Indistinct photo of my eurorack’s first live outing at the first Cementimental gig for a while in Leeds the other day. Was fun and loud, tho I had the typical hearing-it-thru-the-pa-rather-than-headphones soundcheck experience of realising i could just as well have brought only the right hand half of this setup and still made some amazing harsh noise :smiley:

contact mic’d tape measure into Mikrophonie is a great but dangerous noise instrument, should wear gloves next time

Don’t have space for my pedal in/output module in this little rack but discovered that it’s basically unnecessary for this sort of thing, as the aux send from my mixer can go more than hot enough to put into the eurorack for feedback etc.


Antumbra Klik, a simple 16-step trigger sequencer with clock in, reset in, trigger out. Nice pair for 2hp Arp or anything else that takes in clocks/trigger sequences.


While between some module swaps, I took the time to try to make a composition using only the ER-301 and an Ansible for sequencing. I enjoyed some morning light and whipped this fun little thing together! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

ER301 + Dogs from Smith levi on Vimeo.


cool music!
what case is that? custom one?


Love them! Both the music and the dogs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you!
The case is custom. This was the first full fledged prototype and its powder coated steel however I have plans to make it shallower and use aluminum for the next run. I’ll be making a couple 84 and 104hp for myself and a pal and have plans to make a few extras if anybody is interested.
It’s 4u plus an additional top row that fits 4hp modules sideways with some creative faceplate solutions. I integrated the row power up there to save space as well as a switch and some Cinemag transformers as a final output. This way I can run the switch (and grid) off the row power with the expander barrel cable and eliminate any noise. I’m a big fan of minimizing cables and those Cinemags do sound nice with some DC offset


Hi. Ive been lurking for a few months, but now that Ive fully committed to eurorack, I figure its time to jump on in. I bought my first piece of gear (digitakt) last june, then dove headfirst into modular about a month ago. A friend sold me a bunch of his stuff in bulk, and i have since been adding to it, and swapping things out.

so here I am currently. Just bought tides2 this week, and I loooooove it. The maths is borrowed, so that is likely my next purchase. I also want a proper delay. etc etc etc…


You’ve got a nice friend!!!