Show us your modular system

How do you like the Vector Space?

That looks like a really interesting alternative to a more traditional mixer.

Actually, do you have a MG for this rig?

I like Vector Space a lot, and I’m really interested in using it in conjunction with their forthcoming SoundStage module. I tend to patch it up with René v2’s 3 CV outputs for some constantly-changing outputs, but I’ve also done simple things like feed it three different LFOs and feed the modulation combinations out to different parts of the rig. There are some fun patch ideas in the manual that I’ve yet to explore, and I would eventually like to get my hands on a Planar 2 for some CV-recorded joystick-controlled fun. (Vector Space is inspired by the Wiard Joystick Axis Generator and the Vector Synthesis controller on the Prophet VS, after all.)

Here’s for the 7U version of it in the photo above:

I had to temporarily move some stuff out of a shared studio space, so the 7U setup is a condensed version of a to-be-completed 7U case + 3U control skiff setup which will hopefully look something like this by the end of the year:

I’ve got a Planar2, it’s great fun!

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Re-arranging and re-patching before a gig in April. Tried to make this a bit more logical, and hopefully ergonomic. Also added a Soleo Vero tuner to reduce pre-gig stress :slight_smile: And the Blackhole Rom, mainly for the shimmer algorithm.


Lots of consolidation, selling, trading going on in the last few months. This feels like I’ve reached a point where I don’t really feel like I need anything else, but I can accomplish a lot of different things depending on how I patch. Feels over kill to be in a 9u case with a whole row empty, but I’m patiently waiting until I find the perfect 6u 84hp case, or find the right power supply to build my own.


My case is full and I have some exploring to do before I think about any new modules. I maybe have one-too-many sound sources, but modular is all about working within/around/beyond limitations right?


how you use the three w/ ?


talked about it a bit in the w/ topic, but, generally, I’ll have one w/ running through the panning section of cold mac to other two set up as a stereo pair.



finished my first rack this week (w/ a big thanks @baleen for helping me figure out what i wanted from it :slight_smile: )



I think using your system - I would be scared of the top racks falling over when I was patching/unpatching. Do you find them a bit wobbly when set up like this?

I like how you’ve hung up your patch cables :slight_smile:

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Put decent rubber feet on all the Doepfer cases - I can plug stuff in without anything falling over - can wobble a little - 2x monster cases would be nice - but can’t justify the cost :wink:


How do you like the cv-ocd’s? I see you have two…

Preparing for my first ever solo electronic show at Modular on the Spot next month! I think my patch is ready and I just need to continue to figure out exactly what I want to “say” with it and keep practicing at this point. T-minus 14 days! I’m very excited (and nervous).


They do what it says on the box😏

I use them with my twin BSP setup. Considered getting modular brains instead (same thing, only in the rack) for convenience. Great little boxes no doubt!

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Good luck! I’m playing my first electronic gig in a few weeks as well. You’ll do great!