Show us your modular system


how do you like the microgranny? she and the organelle are looking unloved behind that mess of wires :frowning: lol


I could easily write an overly long response to this.

basically had no intention of getting into modular just yet, but then went from 0-100 in no time, so yeah the organelle and the granny are sad and lonely right now.

I love them both, despite some criticisms i have. I know I could incorporate them back into the fold one day, but right now i feel like i have a good years worth of learning what i have in the rack and am pretty focused on just that (and the digitakt).



Last picture of my skiff before my Intellijel 7u arrives this week. Just welcomed a three sisters and quad vca to the party.


The latest addition to my setup, traded all modules in my sequencer skiff for a Polyend Seq and Polyend Poly.
Really like the hands-on workflow.


Ugh… I sold my Seq a while back and you’re making me miss it.


All DIY. I am building this since summer 2016.

The free spaces are soon to be filled …


Finally got my modular consolidated into a new case. Aside from setting up my pedals along the top of the case, an incoming Tallin and ADDAC200PI, and a 3DWaves stand for my Volca and SQ-1, this is how it’s going to be for the next several months at least:

The case is a MDLRCASE 12Ux114HP in birch. Pyrography was done by my spouse:


This is my current setup, until the next module swap evening…


Recording in bed a few nights ago.


That Volca Modular is just too cute next to your Leviathan of a case :black_heart:


“Though she be but little, she is fierce”


Gotta go test her out one of these days


What are those little red bins? I think I need something like that.


They’re just little red bins :grin:

I think I got them at Harbor Freight or someplace like that (discount hardware store). Useful for smallish-but-not-too-small things like adapters, jack lights, cable ties, patch wires for the Volca Modular, 2-4HP modules you haven’t boxed up yet, etc. I avoid putting screws or those tiny plastic jumpers in them because they knock over more easily than it looks like they should.


I love that focus. See how far you can go with just a few modules in a skiff. Makes me want to do the same. :slight_smile: #goals


How do you like the Vector Space?

That looks like a really interesting alternative to a more traditional mixer.


Actually, do you have a MG for this rig?


I like Vector Space a lot, and I’m really interested in using it in conjunction with their forthcoming SoundStage module. I tend to patch it up with René v2’s 3 CV outputs for some constantly-changing outputs, but I’ve also done simple things like feed it three different LFOs and feed the modulation combinations out to different parts of the rig. There are some fun patch ideas in the manual that I’ve yet to explore, and I would eventually like to get my hands on a Planar 2 for some CV-recorded joystick-controlled fun. (Vector Space is inspired by the Wiard Joystick Axis Generator and the Vector Synthesis controller on the Prophet VS, after all.)

Here’s for the 7U version of it in the photo above:

I had to temporarily move some stuff out of a shared studio space, so the 7U setup is a condensed version of a to-be-completed 7U case + 3U control skiff setup which will hopefully look something like this by the end of the year:


I’ve got a Planar2, it’s great fun!