Show us your modular system

Here’s one of my cases. I still need to do some changes on this. I’ll replace the Serge Resonant EQ with a Random Source version and add a CG Products delay in there, if I can find any of these two modules second hand any time soon. Also plan to grab some upcoming stuff to put on the sides. MN said I’m voiding my warranty if I mod their side panels, but who cares.

This setup is a physical modeling haven for me. I’m pairing it with a Zoom R8 for recording/playback and I’m good to go!


I’ve been in the process of building a custom 11U 84hp case for about a month now, it’s been a slow process with a CNC learning curve for me. I’ve organized my two control skiffs real well though! By the end of this month I’ll be able to post the full case.


I finally jumped into modular last week. This is just a start, with lots of room for expansion once I figure out where I want to go with it. Mainly playing with East Coast patches for the moment.


unpatched after a couple shows. received a case (on the left) and module (282e in the right case) from Keen Association. the 282e does preset management in addition to allowing you to draw some pretty interesting envelopes on an X/Y grid. i moved it to the case on the right so it’s preset manager wouldn’t conflict with the one in the 206e. you can disable the preset manager on the 282e but i found the 206e PM wasn’t saving the settings of the 282e, which is kind of important. very interested to see how it plays with the MArF!



it’s changed a million times, but right now I’m trying to do all my drums/sequencing with 2 ansibles, earthsea, and teletype. it’s been a lot fun figuring out ways to do it, since I’m normally just Rene + Varigate 8. anyways, maybe it’ll change again. been wanting to go down to 4u or 7u often lately.


So after amassing nearly 800hp of modules, I realized I was definitely losing my way and creativity was taking a back seat to “oooh fun stuff”. Listed all my extra gear for sale, and stuck with these three cases. Quite happy, and looking forward to the rewards of deep exploration.


I really dig the concept for the Morphagene case. It’s eloquent for sure.

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Where did you find the 2hp Poti?

Custom panel from BKM, same guy that did the Pamela’s panel in the lunchbox.

I made some custom cases. Here’s a dry fit before they head off to the powder coater. This is v2 using aluminum instead of steel for the enclosure.
I have two more in 84hp as well as 104hp that Will be looking for new homes very soon.
They are juuust deep enough to fit an ansible so 39/40mm is the max module depth.

These cases are (intelligence) 4u+. They are offered with an integrated row power in the 4hp horizontal row at the top as well as a rigid bus board. They will come stock with a satin black powder coated finish but are available in any color for a little upcharge.

If you’re interested, please send me a dm for pricing / lead time. This little run is just to test the waters but if it’s successful I’d really like to make more!



I’ll be there :slight_smile:

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Got any contact info for him?

I worked with the system cartesian almost exclusively for nearly a year before switching to a shared system (though I kept majority of the cartesian too) and have to say, it’s a super underrated system. I still feel like I’ve got better results out of it than the shared system, it really felt like an instrument I could handle and seemed to balance limitations and features perfectly!

(as long as you have some pedals for effects)


Yeah I’m absolutely loving the limitation of it, and what’s possible. I’ve got BIM/BAM/BOUM to use with it and I haven’t patched anything up that wasn’t super fun. Telharmonic has to be one of the most underrated modules out there.


It’s the only module I sold from the cartesian (apart from Rene n Woggle which were replaced in the shared system). I constantly regret it.
I’ve currently got a BAM n BOUM is high on the list of next potential buys, BIM eventually if only just to complete the set!

Updated firmware on BIM gets you “thru” mode. Nice for putting in front for anything you sample.


This is what I’ve been working with for a little while… I can pretty much do what I’m trying to do with this setup (rhythm + several voices or general sound design), still tweaking it around the edges.


you can also hit the tap tempo button while in thru mode to get a little momentarily glitch

Good to know. I’ve been playing with a Serge system this week and lusting after one. But since I can’t afford it, I’m looking for comparable Euro setups, and the Cartesian is pretty much what I’m using on the serge. Not convinced by the Telharmonic or lack of VCF though. Am I wrong? :slight_smile:

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