Show us your modular system


Mine is a works as either a fairly simple duophonic voice, a decent two voice or a fairly complex monophonic voice.

Add a BeastStep Pro, a Microbrute, a couple of outboard effects and romplers and I’ve never been so happy with my sound :slight_smile: (And fairly productive too!)


Here’s my current rack:

The only thing in this picture that I don’t actually have yet is the Plonk, which is on back order at the moment.

There’s also a gaping 8hp hole in the bottom row, but I don’t feel like I need anything else so that might just get a blank panel for now.

In addition to this rack, I often us it with a Cocoquantus 2, Plumbutter 2, and Sidrax Organ and some effects. It all goes into a Mackie 1642 mixer.


i do have 2 TXi but use the other one in another case. having 4 knobs and 4 inputs is sufficient for one teletype i think, that’s a lot of CV or manual control (and there are other ways to control TT scripts, either via the upcoming grid integration or by reading ansible values, for instance).

also tempted by E370 (and it would benefit from teletype control with extra outputs via ansible or TXo) but been spending more time with 4vox and starting to like it a lot, i neglected editing individual voices but there is so much there.


Damn this looks nice :fire:


I started following your Instagram page a moment ago and tried finding some videos that might focus on the 4Vox, if you could record a patch that emphasizes the Teletype and 4Vox it would be kindly appreciated.

Is there any overlap in functionality between Ansible and Telex?


Very little overlap between Ansible and Telex. They can both output voltages (with optional slew) based on Teletype commands. That’s about it.

Telex command reference:

Found via Telex microsite:

Ansible docs:


i’ll see if i can come up with some interesting way to control 4vox. i do recommend playing with individual voices in oscillators (since each one has 4 and you can set individual pitch/wave/detune offsets, really powerful - apologies if you already know this!).

the cool thing about teletype, especially combined with multiple outputs via telex is you can easily have separate yet related voltages, and you can control them as a group. you could easily have 16 phase shifted LFOs with 4x TXo, for instance. and then morph their waveforms - simultaneously.


Ugh. Fired up tonight to a dead DLD. Afraid maybe I cooked it using it as a send fx from a mackie vlz. Cant be the case though I’m telling myself. Waiting to hear back from 4ms with crossed fingers :frowning:


I think will end up being hopefully the final state:


and I thought I had a ton of VCA’s…

This system looks really powerful in what it can do the the TELEX and the Teletypes. Really interested to hear some of it.


i checked if i had some good examples but nothing that really shows 4x TXo used together with VCA matrix - i’ll think of some interesting patch to showcase that.


i think i will be building towards something like this:

any thoughts? (most modules i have already, except the sto’s, one extra three sisters and the PEG).


nice looking system! i would probably miss having mixers though (even though you could use er-301 for that and 2 optomixes could mix up to 4 signals i’d still want a dedicated mixer module or a couple), even if something small like 2hp mix or intellijel unity mixer.


This is my current setup. After a couple years of changing it up constantly it’s finally started to settle over the past few months. I’m thinking about swapping out some of the attenuators for more switches to help with performances and longer pieces.

I do all my mixing with a Mackie 1604, usually with 8-10 channels coming from this setup.


Yeah I use the optomixes as mixer now. Works wel enough for me so far. But maybe that 2hp module is a good idea. Thanks!


Pardon my density but I’d like to have some certainty regarding my thinking/buying process going forward. BTW, I just ordered my first piece of Monome gear; the Teletype last week.

You said, “Very little overlap between Ansible and Telex.”

So the Telex extends functionality that the Ansible connected to a Teletype simply cannot, correct?

Last night for about 30 minute two of each Telex were made available by @Dogma but I didn’t act quick enough :frowning:

While it’s probably too early for me to require the Telex, the relative rarity of them have me wanting to move on them as they become available. Oh how I hate FOMO.


The empty rack is HP prepared for Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO, Praxis Electronics Snake Charmer Out, and Doepfer A-180-9 Multicore Signal Connector.


Ansible can act as extra outputs for Teletype over i2c, that is it has unipolar outputs and can do both triggers and cv, in the same fashion as Teletype outputs. TXo has bipolar outputs, and a bunch of different operators that let its cv outputs send everything from bipolar LFOs all the way up to audio rate oscillation. They are simillar in basic function, but TXo has so many more features specific to it. A good way to look at the differences would be to check out the teletype docs thread and the cheat sheet and see how the different operators work for each of the modules.


No, that’s not correct. They simply do different things when interacting with Teletype. But now I see that @saintcloud did a much better job of explaining.


Lots of great systems of all sizes here!

This is what I’ve been restricting myself to lately. Of my 5 panels, these two get the most use and have the most functional density.