Show us your modular system


Seconding what @scanner_darkly says. I’d ditch one of the mults or the Make Noise blanks and slide the 2HP 4 channel mixer in there.

Also, I was surprised at how much having a quantizer in my system changed my workflow. Again, 2hp comes through here, as you could easily replace one of the mults with that, and find a smaller mult (Malekko’s 2hp switchable mult comes to mind). Just running wogglebug > maths > SUM out into a quantizer and using the gates, etc generated there creates all sorts of fun melodies and interconnected patch motifs.


thanks a lot for the advice @Myles_Avery!
i’ve recently ordered a Ornament & Crime and it can function as my quantizer. it’s 14hp tho so something else has to go. i will definitely look into the 2hp option!


This is the system I used on the weekend - for Adelaide’s S L O W fashion festival presentation:



Is that the keyboard that comes with the Teletype? If not please let me know where you picked it up from.


no, thats not the one that comes with teletype, it is a custom design from they are really cool. this is the 61 key compact.


Every time I see your keyboard pop up in some pictures I vow to get one for myself. I go to the site, and get bogged down in all the options and choices, and end up not getting one…
About to re-enter the loop! :grin:


Ha! Yeah I think it took 2 full days for me to decide, so many options. First off, it is totally worth it. Even if you put aside the aesthetic appeal of them they are really well made and sturdy. Having had it for a while now I would probably do a few things differently. I use this pretty much exclusively with the teletype so thats what informs the changes i will likely do. I left off the numbers, while i have these pretty much memorized it would be easier and faster to have a visual for these keys. I also left off the markers for the arrow keys. These are so commonly used that again I have the key combinations memorized but I will likely have the IJK&L keys in a different color (orange in my case i think) so there is an easy to see indication of where the arrow keys are. I almost left off all the letters just cause it looks cool. . . glad i did not though it likely would have made me a better typist. Anyway, perhaps these are things to consider if anyone else wants to design one for use with teletype.


@David_Rothbaum if you could do those of us considering one of these a favor and configure a keyboard with what you would do now that you have this first hand experience and post a screen capture here? Also their USB cable configurator is not all that clear to me with the sleeving and outer sleeving options.


sure, this is how i would do it now. not that i am complaining, its awesome as is but the numbers and the IJKL thing would be helpful for sure.


that’s super helpful.
did you chose a custom text color for your keyboard?


My great little system :smiley:


Are the cables from Mutable?
Nice system btw!


Thanks man! it’s my portable system for little gigs. Cables are stackables and nazca patch cables.


no, it is the standard black.


oooh tiny braaaaaaids


The current state of things. Actually making something musical at the moment.


I’ve had to have a big reshuffle to get Just Friends and Mangrove in there. Now I need to put something together for an upcoming show


It’s not as tidy as some. An action shot.


I’ve been thinking about this skiff for a good bit of time. This is my attempt at balancing freedom and creative constraint. It only has partly materialized yet — I’ve prototyped a smaller case and I’ve got the Mannequins stuff, the ES-8 and the René.

EDIT: Rack version shown does not match this post.

The Mannequins modules have just been completely amazing so far, especially Just Friends. In order to maximise the possibilities for exploration I’ve tried to unbind it from from a specific role: it can do rhythms, but Tempi can take over; — it can do function generation, but Contour and Function can take over; — it can do oscillator duties, but Mangrove can do it too.

I’ve tried getting a lot of complexity in the rhythm and composition department: Tempi, Teletype, Presure Points, Brains and René make for a lot of meta-sequencing and exploration, plus an extra bit of touch-plate expressivity. Walk allows for hands-free control, which will be very handy as I want to play cello along with it.

Morphagene will allow me to do live looping and granulation, along with crazy delays and granular feedback loops. Putting Three Sisters and Cold Mac within these loops is going to be a lot of fun. The Erbe-Verb will give me a wild and beautiful reverb that begs for creative use. I’ve found that making full use of the stereo field can really bring life to patches, which is why I’m veering towards the Scan & Pan. I might swap it and modDemix for RxMx and do panning in software though.

Then, there’s the ES-8, which I’ll use in conjunction with Audulus 3 on an iPad and Max on a Mac, when I actually get to learn it. Having almost seamless access to a digital rack expansion has been ridiculously useful so far.

This is more or less a duplicate from the 104 hp inspiration thread — kind of went off topic