Shredded field recordings radio station (contribute field recordings?)


A friend created a simple app called Concrète Mixer, designed to play and process audio files semi-randomly (within selected parameters).

It runs off a Raspberry Pi, so very portable and cheap to set up. He imagined it being a cool thing for gallery installations or perhaps providing a chance element to respond to in a live performance, etc.

He now has a Pi running the code streaming live to the web, which is pretty fun.

He’s also put his code on Github and I can pull out his instruction video if anyone’s keen.

I hope this is of interest as something to listen to, to contribute some audio to, and/or for developers to play around with.


Here’s my contributions - some in my home of New Zealand, a nice echoey domed crypt in the south of Spain, and a simple passing train recording from Sri Lanka.

I find the station a really enjoyable listen. It seems to be leaning on my fireworks recording pretty hard out at the moment.

Submit some stuff if you make field recordings!