Shrolca (10 characters of title)

Volca sized Shruthi, with touch keyboard. Looks to be the same software as previous models, just with a new interface. Now on Kickstarter.

EDIT: Previously on Kickstarter.

this finished 2 months ago… !?

( I was tempted back then, but didn’t back it, as Ive got fed up being stung for high taxes/admin for every US project when they ship it to Europe :frowning: )

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The files should be open source quite soon :slight_smile:

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I missed that detail, myself. Apparently, I was half asleep when I shared this.

I picked one of these on reverb a week ago, and have been having a blast with it. It’s a little hard to wrap your head around at first (i.e. the step sequencer is only a modulation source), but once you do it’s really fun and surprising to play. And deep. Here’s a playlist of ragas, arps and drones.

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Nice tracks!
I’ve build many shruthi’s myself. Sold most of them
Still hav a few and a few boards. I think this Shrolca has to be open source too because of the mutable license. Anybody know anything about it?