Signal / Flux Knowledge Base

Hey lines–

@izzy and I recently started Signal / Flux, an IRL and URL resource that aims to expand access to and literacy about synthesis through workshops, individualized study, and articles.

One part of it is a knowledge base that will cover a range of topics including composition, sound design, and electronics.

We’ve put up our first two posts here, and would love to get some feedback and open up discussion about them. If you have ideas you want to contribute or want to write posts, we’d love to collaborate!

Here are our first two posts!

Percussion Synthesis Building Blocks
Oceans in the Sky: Introduction to Electronics for the Synthesist

Let us know what you think!


Mannequins technical maps, and guides for the Make Noise Morphagene and Malekko Voltage Block are now up:


Thanks for checking it out @caelmore

If you have specific modules or topics you want to see covered (or that you want to contribute!), drop us a line…


Not sure how I missed this when it was first posted, but what a great resource! Looking forward to the active filters article :+1:

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