Simple ableotn live mute/solo/VU patch?

Helo Guys, i would like to have a simple ableton live controller running on my grid 128 ( i guess could run on any grid ), the idea is:

  • 1st row: SOLO track
  • 2nd row: MUTE track
  • 3rd to 8th row: VU of the track

For scrolling horizontally, holding a button on columns_total -2 and pressing columns_total -1 would go 1 track do the right and the reverse ( hold -1 and press -2 ) would go 1 track to the left.

I have an OK knowledge of max msp ( including javascript object, etcs… ) and a very good programming background but i have almost no experience with max4live devices, so i’m wondering if there would be good examples of patches with similar functionalities around.

Specifically speaking, some features that would be nice to see an example:

  • Display the VU on the grid
  • Bind / Unbind VU to different tracks
  • Syncing button states with ableton ( for instance you mute with the mouse and the monome updates )
  • Pressing and holding buttons

Due to my way of working, i believe i would probably have a few javacript objects to handle the “application logic”, for instance holding and syncing button states, instantiating a dynamic number of VUs and Buttons, […] depending on the size of the grid and hopefully in the future saving and sequencing presets.

Since i’m very new to monome, i’m wondering if i’m re-inventing the wheel or if there are patches around that should work well as reference and make all this jazz much easier ?

Thank you very much, i really appreciate what i’m finding here and how people are friendly and open about stuff.

I’ll definitely share all the work i create for the platform.

You should check “Launchd” from the terms M4L package for a good start about ableton / monome syncing. I know there’s also a good vu app but it’s for the whole spectrum of a single track on the whole monome. Maybe those two apps and a few more tricks could be a good way to start scratching the surface? I’d be interested in the result anyhow because I was planning on making something like that in the coming montgs if I had time.

@LLK nice one!

will definitely share it here once it’s done.

which is the app you said for the whole spectrum? that sounds interesting too!

i have examples of these things in a few patches. i’ll try to post something later.

the full spectrum analyzer (vu spec) doesn’t use the Live API, it uses audio input (the Live API only allows you to get the vu level of the left/right channel of a track). it’s on my github if u want to check it out-

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At the moment i just need the Live API info ( left / right ) and i’ll probably just get the highest level between them.

Thanks a lot for your help / code