Simple M4L dual cycling amplitude envelopes patch

Hello everyone! I just uploaded my first proper Max For Live patch and would like to share it around in order to hear tips and possible improvements. The patch itself is really simple, but after creating it I found it to be actually really useful, so I cleaned it up a bit and posted it. It’s basically a couple of independent, unquantized amplitude envelopes for each channel of stereo signals, interacting between each other with some basic features.

Any suggestion is welcomed, I’m looking forward to improve my skills further from this point on and am currently thinking about bringing the same concept on the monome, so I’ll be probably posting about that in the future :slight_smile:

Here’s the GitHub link, hope it stimulates your creativity:


Downloaded, thanks!!

@nattog you’re welcome!! Feel free to write here any thoughs about that!

Super fun, got a great result almost instantly. i would love it if you could make a feature to map each envelope signal to a second parameter!

@nattog That’s interesting! I’m gonna try to add it asap! Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

@nattog Just uploaded a version with assignable individual outputs for each channel, allowing audio routing and more flexibility toward signal processing. Due to M4L multiple outputs has been implemented only in Ableton Live 10, that version is required in order to use this function.

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Resurrecting this thread: pushed a little update with a nicer GUI (taking advantage of mc.function and multislider), a more flexible envelope shaping (replaced line~ with curve~) and extended cycling time range :slight_smile: