Simple Question (or is it?) Regarding Midi CC Toggles on the Grid

So, midi CC toggling is kinda the basis of grid programmation, and until now I never had any need to improve on the basic formula presented in grid studies, and always used the “toggles” M4L app for Ableton, the Matrixctrl in Max 7 to programm stuff etc.

However, I resently found myself in need to change the value of each cell of the matrix / grid on the fly, something very simple like : select a toggle > have a window indicate what’s the midi cc that it triggers and be able to edit that midi cc > save the preset.

And there must be something super basic I’m missing because I couldn’t find anyway to do that, I’m always stuck with whatever input I’m sending with the grid being litteraly translated into cc with no straightforward / elegant way to edit the output of each trigger separately.

Is there a M4L thing that does that already or a simple way to edit it? That would really be super useful for me in the future.