Simple voltage source circuit help

i’d like to build the simplest voltage source controller possible - thinking four 100k linear pots wired up to a 9v battery in parallel. do i need to buffer or do any protection circuitry?

this would be used to control eurorack (if that wasn’t already obvious!) but doesn’t need to fit in a rack.

any tips?

My suggestion would be to use a lower value of pot like 10k so that your largest-case output resistance is lower. Lower pot values will drain your battery faster but there will be less chance of loading effects. Then for protection I’d add a 1k resistor in series with the wiper of each pot.

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Hiya just following up on this.
What if i did want to use the +12v rail on my power supply? Voltage regulator, pots in parallel, protection resistors… anything else? Doesn’t need to be super precise…

Most of the same stuff applies. However you might want to add a resistor in series between +12V and the pot so that the max output voltage is 10V (or whatever you want) instead of 12V.

As for power supply protection I suggest that you study the schematic for Shades by Mutable Instruments (which you can get on the mutable instruments website). I’m no expert here but I think a series diode is a reasonable strategy.