Simplest drum trigger sequencer for Grid 128?

I’m looking for a dead simple, 8-track, 16 step, trigger sequencer for the Grid 128. M4L preferably but could be a Norns script too. I just want to live jam, straight ahead techno drums with my Grid 128, WYSIWYG style. Suggestions?


off the top:


GridStep (now with Timber UI!) – 16 tracks, 16 patterns, each pattern can be up to 16 bars in length. powered by the fantastic Timber engine for easy sample loading + editing, but also supports MIDI out.

Step - oldie but super-fun goodie, purely sample-based 8-track 16-step sequencer. wysiwg-city. we load this in front of everyone who visits the monome workshop and hasn’t ever touched these devices. the script’s clocking mechanism hasn’t been migrated to the norns system clock, but looks like anton is working on updates from the recent github activity: GitHub - antonhornquist/step: A simple step sequencer for norns


Mark Eats Sequencer – 8 channels, 16 steps per pattern, 16 patterns per channel. tons of flexible scales, routings, playback modes. standalone, DAW agnostic. was just jammin’ on this yesterday with Logic Pro as a test, total blast and super straightforward to get into fun territory :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thank you @dan_derks!

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highly recommend Mark Eats Sequencer! works great with ableton and works amazingly for both drum and melodic stuff

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I think it’s always good to precise Mark Eat’s (wonderful) sequencer is Mac only, I know it was a bitter disappointment for me when I realized it so might tell people right away, “non-norns computer” can be misleading.


super good call – very sorry for the poor phrasing! was clearly not thinking it through, totally forgot it was macOS-only. thank you! amended above.


Also worth noting that this study goes over creating a max/grid step sequencer from the ground up: Grid Studies: Max | monome/docs



i’m reviving this thread because i was looking around for a relatively simple drum trigger step sequencer and, while there are soooo many amazing sequencers, i have haven’t found one that does these all things:

all 7 or 8 tracks visible at once
midi out
ability to set different pattern lengths per track (two finger “range windowing” like mlr would be amazing)
pattern saving/switching

if anyone can point me to the closest thing i’d be sooo grateful (ideally norns, but could be a teletype scene or desktop software).

thanks :~)

n.kria gets you all of that, but only 4 tracks. Not aware of any that have all those features and more tracks.

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