Simulating Radio Transmission Distortion on Modular

Hello. I love @TomWhitwell’s Radio Music, but I’ve been longing to figure out how to add the kinds of distortion you find at the edges of signal ranges. I’m not really sure where to start? Anyone have any experience with this or have any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

ring modulator sideband signal distortions kinda stuff might be a good starting point? frequency shifter.

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my very naive and probably incorrect approach would be to mix in some noise and play around with filters.

As you’ve got Radio Music just go here and fill up your SD

Otherwise, +1 for frequency shifter and/or ring mod. Mutable Instruments Warps + Parasites firmware excels at both.

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Have you tried downsampling with a sample-and-hold clocked at audio rates and then filtering? It’s not quite “radio transmission distortion” but it’s not far.

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I have not used it but Schlappi Engineering’s Interstellar Radio purports to do just this, I believe.

Of course, that’s a whole module rather than a process, but it sounds really noisy and sweet.

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The Koma Field Kit gives you CV-controllable AM/FM/SW plus an LFO and envelope follower