~~~~~~~~ sines ~~~~~~~~

I had a dream last night that this forum had a secret network of clubhouses in major cities around the world (I was in the one in Rome) called ~~~~~~~~ [aka ‘sines’]



I tried to enter one of those locations once, but was sadly denied access since I brought fates rather than the factory norns with me. :wink:

Just kiddin, I don’t also have fates… yet!


Hah, that would be a club i would vistit.

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Well, who hasn’t heard about the infamous Bergsine club in Berlin, where you only get in if your answers to the bouncer’s questions are at least 20 characters long…


We do have a network of secret tree forts.


At Club Sinelencio in Paris, the 20 character password required for entry must be spoken backwards.


While we technically shouldn’t be discussing ~~~~~~~~ due to its secret nature… We should acknowledge the pioneering social networks that preceded it:

In the late 1870s, Seurat and Signac were members of the society known as ........ which managed to stay secret until exhibition of Van Gogh’s self portrait, which exposed them.

Later, there was ⧠⧠⧠⧠⧠⧠⧠⧠. The accepted story is that Picasso and Braque stumbled into the cellar meeting room at 3am, thinking it was a late night Absinthe den. The rest is history.

The Futurism movement maintained a series of not-so-secret salons called !!!!!!!! or sometimes ********. They were loud.

The Dadists, not to be out done, choose their club name using a random password generator (surprisingly strong, for the era): 8cAt$^9h. Because of Tzara’s love of pastry, and his inability to keep a secret, there is now a commonly available Austrian pastry called “acht katz”.

Schoenberg and Hauer had no need of clubs, nor even human contact. Berg and Webern, on the other hand, knew how to have a good time, and proceeded to form the drinking society named ⅠⅡⅢⅥⅦⅧⅨⅩⅪⅫ. The club’s penchant for fine Port is said to be the reason academia was so attracted to Serialism.

There is absolutely no evidence that Young, Riley, Reich, or Glass were ever in a club named --------, nor Cage in one called ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.

I’m looking forward to the posthumous publication of Slonimsky’s work “Atlas of Secret Arts Societies”. ASAS has long been rumoured to be the definitive work on the subject.

As for myself, I can neither confirm nor deny that I’m a member of a LfoFi club called ^^^^^^^^ which is reported to be a modulating sub-chapter of ~~~~~~~~


omg your post deserves at least 20 characters of :joy:, but my favourite bit is



I assigned a writer in Los Angeles to interview Slonimsky shortly before he died. Slonimsky was very particular about where the interview was to take place. The writer wasn’t allowed to describe it in the article, but he told me about it on the phone immediately after the interview occurred, a strange warren beneath a violin repair shop in Santa Monica. Years later we both realized it must have been the infamous Zone Autonomous for Pacific Polyphonic Ascension.


I’m imagining a two drink minimum and a 104hp maximum :laughing: