Single Cycle Waveforms

I have taken the plunge and ordered a PE Tracker after cancelling my initial preorder last year. That’s besides the point though. I was wondering if people would be interested in sharing single cycle waveforms?

I am collecting links to online resources as I has never created these myself.

Sh-1 ssw

Adventurekid Waveforms


@ess made these awesome tools for building your own waveforms: Soft/Hardcore: Single cycle waveform tools


Cool, I saw that. Does this need max? Or have I misunderstood?

If I recall correctly, they’re standalone applications and don’t require Max to be installed. It’s been a while since I’ve used them.


Cool. I’ll need to give it a shot in that case.

AKWF has some oddnesses that made me curious about alternatives.

I ended up finding Galbanum Architecture. Not free, but well done and nicely organized:


Oh wow

I’ve been trying to create a wavetable vector synth in Supercollider but it’s so hard to find the right single-cycle samples with the proper (power of 2) sample length. Total game-changer.

Does this (or any other tool people know about) allow one to import an audio file and edit it to sample length? Also it would ideally automatically adjust the first and last samples to go smoothly to 0, and allow one to stretch/interpolate a sample to a desired length. I’ve tried to do it myself but I don’t have the chops…

Also, one of my fave techniques is to automate/envelope the blend between two different single-cycle waveforms. It gets really interesting when the attack of a brighter waveform decays into a smoother one, you can get some really interesting sounds. Or having a MIDI note trigger a random blend between two timbres…


I found these about a month ago:

I was initially excited because they are CC0 and have a huge power-of-2 resolution of 65536 samples. I’ve so far been mostly disappointed by them, as the one’s I’ve tried so far are less waveforms and more just tiny sound samples. Interesting, but they tend to need to be tuned at sub-audio frequencies otherwise they alias like crazy.

allegedly, the galbanum architecture waveforms are used in Massive by NI. I purchased the collection years ago, and hoping to make this year the year to seriously explore and use them. In my experience, these waveforms are not created equally. Some waveform categories are clearly just procedurally generated with a script and are more similar than different. Others seem more crafted and unique. I think I own the 2048-sized sample ones. It’s probably good enough for my needs? But they do have higher-resolution versions which I am almost tempted to purchase. It seems the wavetable size is 2048 and no larger. I purchased the 32-bit floating point version, which is definitely good enough for my needs. For a little bit more, you could purchase a 64-bit precision version of the waveforms.

The AKWF waveforms have been a bit difficult for me to use due to the non-power-of-2 table size of 600. This past year, however, I finally got around to building a more flexible table-lookup oscillator for myself so now that’s not a problem anymore. Some of these waveforms are appropriately named, others are just numbers. Many are variations on classic waveforms (saw, triangle, square, pulse, etc), which I find are hard to appreciate without context within their respective family. There are quite a non-traditional waveforms with here too with unique spectrums, and those have been quite fun to stumble on. 600 is a bit small for wavetable sizes (my goto size is 4096 or 8192), so these will all have a lo-fi chiptune-y quality to them. Considering the AKWF context, this is the idea I think.

The sh-1 waveforms are new to me! Adding them to my collection!


i will re-share this stupid little command line tool for macos/linux

it can do these things to an audio file, which are helpful for waveforms:

  • cut to zero crossings
  • resample to next highest power of 2
  • convert to supercollider format ([pos, delta] pairs)
  • create bandlimited mipmaps for anti-aliased WT synths

The Galbanum Architecture waves are the best collection I know of, but not free. You do get over 25,000 of the little fuckers though. :slight_smile:

Galbanum - Architecture Waveforms 2010

I see Jason already mentioned them.

i made this one, Waveform Generator it makes wavetable format and specified notes as well.


I was just about to mention this. I might as well take the opportunity now to thank you for it — I’ve used it to generate noise waves for w0!

Elsewhere @philmaguire made a nice standalone Max device that allows drawing or editing waves with the mouse. I used that to add metallic timbre to a sine wave, among other things.


Thank you for this. I love the simplicity of the interface. Need to rattle off some random waves this evening.

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Forgot to mention (I have been using it to create waveforms for my Super 6) this one from Darwin Grosse:

Single Cycle Waveform Editor (

And this one from MOTM/Synth Tech:

Synthesis Technology - Waveedit (


I love the sound of some of the earlier romplers but didn’t want to bother with finding, buying, and maintainging/hauling around a rack of sound modules I’d mostly just mess with for fun, so I was using a mix of both waveforms and samples to try and sort of re-create those sounds to a degree, though with a bit more flexibility than would be possible on the original module. You can get the Kawai K-1 waveforms here- If anyone happens to know of where the EMU Proteus waves (I’ve got the percussion samples) might be available I’d love to get them.

There’s an audio editor that can preview single cycles in loop and delete unwanted ones directly from a folder?
I’m trying to make a small selection of the ADWF collection.

EDIT: I’ve found Audiofinder is the solution


My main sequencer is USTA. Until now I didn’t have tracking issues with none of my oscillators. But I’ve downloaded some free single cycle waveforms from the net and loaded them into Assimil8or. And there’s some tracking issues, one octave above original C is pretty out of tune. Which could be the problem?