Single-supply circuit collection

I decided to start documenting my collection of single-supply circuits, via the medium of Github. I figured I’d probably start to forget what I’d done, where I’d put stuff or suffer a hard drive crash at some point!

I’ve started with my active Low Pass Gate, which is based on the ubiquitous Passive Low Pass Gate, but adds power, transistors and op-amps to improve the response of the LPG to CV input.

Single Supply Circuits

I think single-supply circuits are a great way to get started in Synth DIY, as the power supplies are cheap and simple. Ciat-Lonbarde has been a huge influence on me in this regard.

I’ll be adding more when I do the schematics / documentation but I’d also like to see other peoples single-supply synth circuits. Please post them in this thread! :slight_smile:

Edit 11/08/2021: Added Wasp Filter and Simple Sh’mance (a type of rungler circuit)


This sounds really cool. I just read about single-supply on the github and was curious if adjusting the circuit to able to plug into Euro power is difficult. Mostly curious if it’s complexity is why you’re doing single supply.

Also, how would you use this outside of a Euro case?

The Lunetta forum on Electro music is a treasure trove of clever single supply circuits. I’ve spent hours exploring, and still find new ideas every time i deep dive


@Zeke_B it’s usually the other way round, I have to adapt some dual supply circuits (Eurorack) to work on single supply!
Adapting the LPG to Eurorack wouldn’t be too difficult, but there are a plethora of LPG modules for Eurorack, some available in DIY.
Avoiding the complexity of Eurorack power is the main reason I started doing these single supply circuits.

I’ve built these circuits into stomp box housings, lashed several together to make stand alone synths and plan on making PCB panels for some of them.

@dianus I agree! I’m always reading the Electro-Music Lunetta forum. It gets a shout out on the intro page to my stuff.

I have added to the repo. See the first post.