Skateboarding and Music

Oh man the wave of nostalgia that hit me when I saw the name Jamal Smith! Thanks for posting, it had been too long since I’d seen those

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I miss skating, I work way to much to get back into a routine. If I had more nights off, I’d get back into skating around a night, some of the most relaxing things to do.

Barrier Kult is a big influence of mine:


Weird timing reading this as someone at my work is selling a lightly used Marc Johnson Chocolate complete board. This thread is tempting me to bite on it…

of all the dumb things that people here could convince you to buy this is probably on the more :+1: end of the spectrum


Favorite combo of music and skateboarding:

Whenever I’m in need of a energy/inspiration boost, I watch this.


here is Jeff Witscher skating to Nico…

was never any good at skating, but would occasionally try and go ditch skating or just do board slides and dumb stuff many years ago. this summer I feel really tempted to pick up a cruiser board though just for rolling around on because why not. I need another way to embarrass or hurt myself while not climbing. seems like a good option too for traveling, getting around other cities when I don’t have the bike with me.

favorite thing I stumbled across in a long time is Abe Dubin -
I love how goofy it is and half of it is about building weird stupid stuff. Seems like someone who is just up for having a good time.

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I love Orange Abe/the Fancy Lad crew! Boston has a really progressive skate scene.

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This is a great idea, will be adding to my quiver for sure

I always found Mark Gonzales to be very inspiring. Having fun and enjoying life with a style all his own.


Just want to add one thing here, if someone has nor already done it, but sampling skateboard sounds is a great source of percussion.

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I didn’t have anything to do with skateboarding while I lived there, but watching those videos really makes me miss the city.

also nothing to do with most of the music here, but my semi-peripheral interest in skating def came more form music first, mostly listening to grind/hardcore/powerviolence stuff then. bands like Crispus Attucks, Spazz, Pessimiser comps… still need to blast this every once and a while

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Charles Bronson! Spazz!


My favorite part of all time, this dates me, but…

Ray Barbie is a great musician btw, saw him play at Uprise in Chicago a few years ago.

Also totally in love with this:

The skating is so gnarly is ridiculous.

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This song is what seriously got me into electronic music.
And of course, love the video, as that’s what I loved most about skating, just feeling free, like you’re flying. :black_heart:

Actually now you mention it. This song prompted me to get my first analog synth. MS-20 mini of course.

Think this was the first time I heard someone do this. Not sure if I’ve heard it much since actually


Who else remembers this guy skating to Patrick O’Hearn in Public Domain?

Also this famous Natas one with Firehose “Brave Captain” and the fire hydrant spin!

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I skated a bit as a kid, and then have longboarded as a way to get around for quite a few years. A couple of years ago I switched to a Boosted electric longboard and it’s the closest experience to Back to the Future style hover boards that I think I’ll ever experience.