Slate + Ash Kontakt libraries

Just came across this and thought it looked interesting, I like that it seems to do a lot of sequencing and modulation in one neat package. It’s pricey but I guess there is a lot of work gone into the library sounds as well. Is there anything similar worth checking out that is worth checking out?


It looks remarkable; I watched S+A’s videos for Cycles on YouTube, and they were fascinating. If I hadn’t bought Auras just a month ago (a really deep and gorgeous instrument I’m slowly wrapping my amateur brain around), I’d be leaping at Cycles. I had no idea Kontakt was such a powerful framework.

I write this mainly because I wanted to say thank you and the S+A team for Auras; it’s just beautiful.

Just grabbed Cycles last night and it’s quite nice

As a complete newcomer to “in the box” stuff. If one uses Live as Daw, woul i run this in the Kontakt Player?

Kontakt appears as a VST in DAW


This is one of the most inspiring instruments I’ve ever used. Makes sense as I love the Morphagene and René. If I’m stuck, I can export a loop and load it into Cycles. Something surprising and useful will happen.

@veil_s thanks for making this!

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I’m also seriously considering this for the inspiration potential but also to shake up my workflow a bit. I feel like recording my endless doodles with my hardware stuff, or even recording the output of software instrument tracks will give new purpose if I know that I can find a loop in there and add it to Cycles for even more variation on that. It doesn’t hurt that the audio in the demos are right up my alley


it’s very nice and i have been only adding a teeny bit of soundhack spectral smear and i am in abstract tops heaven :slight_smile:

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i got cycles a couple days ago and i love it. it really covers all the sample mangling i was missing in my daw. i really was missing a nice granulator and a more step based experimental cutter and this covers that in spades. typically to get these kind of sounds i would reach for my octatrack / borderlands / morphagene. however that has often forced me to slow down my creative momentum which i’ve found does not work for me. i honestly prefer to work inside ableton as much as possible so this has been quite a game changer for me. the interface is so beautiful too! makes me want to play it just to see the shapes and colors dance around. thank you for the awesome instrument @veil_s

anyone have any resources for a very basic crash course in kontakt? i have the most basic questions like where / how do save things? how do i recall them ? can i make a blank template to launch on start up?

a couple more specific questions, how does the sample drag and drop in to the step sequencer work? i’ve honestly gotten nothing but awesome results but i know its doing some stretching / octave shifting or something. also, what are formants ?


I keep eyeing this tool as a potential option other than the Morphagene. Could you elaborate more on your own personal feelings/observations between the two

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I don’t need it but wow do I want it…
Might need to treat myself to an early birthday gift, methinks :eyes:


I bought this a couple weeks ago and have found it very inspiring! Really beautiful, really contemporary granular samples and sounds.

Curious what other folks are using with it, i.e. what DAW/recorder and controller (16n/Twister Fighter/etc)!


For anyone using Cycles - I bought it this weekend for playback of my own samples (nice to have all the pre-sets but I may never use them). I still get confused if I load in a sample to know where to access it on the keyboard (I generally find it eventually but there must be a simple logic). And then, if I load more than one sample, how to find each. Is there a menu I’m missing? And, there’s no way to see the waveform, correct?
Thanks so much.


Same confusion here, which I temporarily abated by beginning to mess with all the built in presets. They are simply wonderful.

Sorry, I’m no help, as I have the same question… but there’s lots to explore without fully understanding what makes this thing tick. I don’t believe there is a manual, as yet, but I’ve found some of the YouTube demos helpful.

I appreciate it, still, Happy to know I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

Have you got the keyboard tab open in Kontakt? it shows you the layout. The red keyed section is to change the pitch of the loaded sample up or down a semitone, the blue keyed section shows you where your samples have been loaded - think it just loads them in alphabetic order, each sample loaded a semitone up along the keyboard


This looks super up my street but it’s unfortunately outside my budget.

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that helps a lot. Thank you very much!

that’s great news. Will dig in tonight. Thank you!

Has been totally worth it in my experience. I reach for it all the time when I’m stuck. Everyone’s needs and expectations are different, but Cycles has really made an impression on me (and I really haven’t worked through a good chunk of the sound library).

Quick example- last night I was putting the finishing touches on a single, and it just needed an additional element. So I chopped up a section of a pine cone I’d sampled and output to tape into a quick four bar loop, threw it into Cycles, and had a lovely synced-yet-asynchronous thingy going on. All in about five minutes. Here’s what a pine cone sounds like through one of the Grains presets in Cycles :smiley: