Slate + Ash Kontakt libraries

Slightly offtopic. I think i want to sell my license of Cycles given that i dont use it much (and im looking to buy metasynth). Does anyone know if its possible to sell its license to someone else?

I don’t think it is. I seem to recall looking into it myself as I don’t use it either. Hope I’m wrong.

Edit: from the website “ By downloading and installing one of our libraries, you agree that the library is licensed, not sold to you. This license is personal and non-transferrable”

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Oh, that’s a bummer. Thanks for clarifying that for me

I once inquired about selling my license for CYCLES and received this response from their support

"Thanks for your purchase, hope you’ve had some fun with it at least!

The transfer process is all done through Native Instruments. You can follow these steps to transfer a license.

it’s possible that they have changed their set-up since then but it seemed possible a year ago-ish.

I ended up hanging on to it and have made some nice things with it. Hopefully my Ableton/Big Sur situation will calm down enough for me to use it again soon!


Man, I have had a blast with cycles too but found that Live made it almost unusable. I have a bit of need for it in some stuff I’m making now, so I maybe give it another shot in BitWig tonight/tomorrow.

Anyone think we’ll see any of the slate and ash stuff on sale over the next week or so?

I know they did 30% off a little while back. So may be too late. Was thinking of picking Cycles up, but was gonna hold off until Friday just in case.

If it’s not gonna drop in price I’ll pick it up now.

They have a new one coming next week so I would expect there will at least be a bundle of some kind.


Indeed, the bundle (including the brand new Choreographs) is announced. Not sure if Cycles on its own is discounted, though.


Hot damn that looks/sounds incredible.

Their stuff is… just… art, I think. Bought. Really looking forward to working with it. Literally all of their stuff is worth 20x any of the other software tools that I use. I feel like I could go 100% S+A stuff for a couple of releases and be nothing but better for it.


A-men. I’m never convinced that I need their work, and I’m not generally prone to aesthetic-based desires, but no other instrument creator triggers want in me so easily (although, SOMA LABS…). My hands just ache to twiddle and poke at them. OK, partly this is just because I’ve had great experiences with them, starting with Auras. It’s not just that terms like “Loss” and “Ridges” pull at me, honest!

Working through the product page videos now. I’m glad that it’s not 100GB like Landforms; that had me scrambling to clear things off my SSD in a hurry; like while it was downloading.

Solely S+A would be an interesting and educational “depth year” project! Just teasing apart how their presets are constructed is like studying paintings on a wall.

so sorry for such a beginner question- but i’m wondering if any of the slate and ash kontakt programs can just be run stand alone and play by themselves… or in other words, do i always need a midi controller and either externally sequence them or play and trigger them manually by hand? i’ve watched all the content on their website but i’m not in the kontakt world otherwise and haven’t been able to really get the information easy enough to commit more time to diving in. i’m trying to figure out if any of the slate and ash things are “plug and play” in terms of having built in sequencers or are they more just like sound engines that you can use in an ecosystem of controllers, etc.? i’d love to get choreographs and just be able to have it open on its own on my computer and press play on its presets and have it running in my life in the background for the entire day… possible?

Cycles and Choreographs, and to a lesser degree Landforms have complex note processing and arps and sequencer-like behaviors and Choreographs has a euclidian sequencer and (multiple?) step sequencers… but so far as I can tell they all need notes to be coming in to work. Even cycles needs held notes to trigger things.

And there is stuff like this:

It is definitely worth watching the enginer overview video even if you’re not considering it… lots of really interesting ideas there.

I use them a lot to great effect with Bitwigs and/or Live’s clip launcher. Feels like clips + these things is the best of both worlds.

These things are not really in the Kontakt world, fwiw. They are unlike any other tools available that I know of. They make me love Kontakt, which is a wild thing.


thank you so much for your response! that really really helps me. i’ll keep digging into what documentation is out there, but just having the context you outlined already puts me a step ahead of where i was initially

Let me know if you find docs beyond the videos on the product pages. I don’t think there are any!

Ok, well it finally happened – some (and I repeat, some) of these presets are heavy enough to pin CPU on my M1Pro Macbook. Most are not and a lot use barely any CPU… but a couple are kicking up like 200 voices in Kontakt! Just a word of warning since they say on their page that an i5 should be enough… seems like CPU can go from not that much to Landforms++ levels of utilization.


Choreographs seems so perfect to go side by side with my other very exciting recent purchase, the Dadamachines Automat

If UPS delivers my automat on Friday like they suggest, Saturday I will be heading out to the woods to make natural rhythmical works with the automat and choreographs alongside it.

Fingers crossed the stars align and I can get some video footage and audio for the folks here.

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I think this is the exception, but Landforms actually has a user guide.

I should and WILL download this. Thank you

Man…Choreographs is great. I’m just kicking the tires tonight and there are so many lovely sounds.


Stumbled onto this discussion by chance and ended up taking the plunge with Choreographs. All I can is wow. Don’t think I’ve been this excited about a piece of software in a very long time. Thanks!


I spent about an hour just running through presets last night. I think it’s my new favorite plug-in/synth. I’m extremely excited to pick apart some of the more rhythmical patches and see how it’s achieved.