Slate + Ash Kontakt libraries

I watched it this morning, and it was a nice overview. But I would tend to agree that a pdf manual would be a nice addition. Mainly because I tend to use the search function when I forget how to use things, and scrubbing through a video is sometimes not great or possible.


This is awesome. And for anyone that is unaware, the Ableton equivalent is to click on the Automation tab in Kontakt and drag an empty automation slot to whatever parameter knob/slider you want to control on the instrument’s interface (some parameters will already have an assignment that you can expose otherwise, but I tend to just do whichever ones I know I will want to use because it is guesswork otherwise). Then click on the Ableton device’s arrow button and click Configure. Then click on any of the UI elements to expose the parameter and you can assign any modulation source from Ableton (LFO, shaper, envelope follower, whatever m4l device) to nearly any parameter in Kontakt.

It does bother me that you can’t modulate the modulation sources though. Or has anyone figured how to do that?

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You mean the modulation sources in Choreographs?

You can’t inside the ensemble, but in Bitwig you can:

Also: all the Slate + Ash libs have the host automation stuff already mapped pretty well and with good labels I think.

Yup, watched the video. It’s great. Not a manual though. Still needs a manual.

Cycles too. It has great videos, but it still needs a manual. Bit baffled Cycles doesn’t have one by now actually.

I love nothing more than delving deep into a new device / instrument at my own pace alongside a well written manual. Of course videos can come hand in hand with that, but stopping / starting, lack of searching for what I want easily etc etc don’t really make it a replacement.

Landforms has a manual and it’s beautiful. Here’s hoping we get similar for the other instruments.


So, I just sat down to play with Choreographs again, and I’m basically unable to move two parameters at once without my CPU spiking to full freak out.

What’s shocking is I’m on a MBP with the M1 Max… Shouldn’t be happening… Anybody else have this experience and could tell me what they did?

If I just adjust the volume of two layers at once of the AQ Industries preset, I get bananas results…

OOOOOOkay, strangely enough, I Cannot effect the controls via the “controls menu” in the VST’s nest. Instead, I need to route midi CC’s to these controls, then use a midi CC utility to effect it. Then, I can go hog wild.


Have you got multi core support turned on in kontakt?

I said in another thread that I couldn’t buy Choreographs because it required Catalina. After writing to S&A, I established that that isn’t actually the case; it requires Kontakt 6.7.1, which is meant to require Mac OS 10.15, but I have got it running perfectly well on Mojave! So I bought Choreographs, and boy am I glad I did.
The screenshot you’ve uploaded, showing this “gestural harp-like strum” was the moment I tipped from “wow I really like the look of this”, to “I need this in my life” :smile:
Now, I just need to figure out what to do with my 16n, to recreate something like that…hmmm

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Maybe? I have no idea. Haha. I’ll take a look today and see about changing whatever my setting currently is.

Tried turning off multi threading, same cruddy response.

I’ll figure it out.

Purchased Choreographs and it is wonderful. Such a rich and wide ranging scope of sounds.

However, the plug-in does not like external modulation of any of it’s VST parameters from outside of the plug-in and becomes unusable. For example, using an automation lane to modulate Cutoff or (in my specific use case) using a Bitwig LFO modulator to adjust a parameter.

Hopefully this can be fixed otherwise it’s a fairly closed system.

Edit: the post above from @n9n9n9 shows this in action - the UI isn’t happy and becomes unusable. You can however modulate CC1 / CC2 / CC3 and it’s ok with that. If they can’t fix the UI issue, maybe they could open up more CC values to allow more external modulation.


I see the CPU hit and the unhappiness. It works ok for me even so, even better with the UI closed. But it isn’t good. Which is strange because all the parameters are well named and set up out of the box for VST modulation.

This is sad because it makes each parameter only modulatable by either one and only one internal parameter or a cc (which can be modulated by multiple params in Bitwig) but not both. Which makes me unhappy as the internal mod sources are polyphonic and pretty awesome.

I’ll write them an email about this too – I have not heard back from them on my note about the mystery CPU use when the ensemble is idle.

I do not think that they have updated any past instruments at all, so here’s hoping they do something here.

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Yeah, I would be interested to hear what they say to you. I’m a fan of all of their instruments but I do find it weird that none of them have ever been updated despite some commonly perceived issues

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Thinking some more I think that the reason for the well labelled and configured parameters is to enable external control rather than modulation. I forget that not everyone uses Bitwig where the modulation system in the DAW is often preferred as it is far deeper than the instruments’ internal modulation.

Yeah the parameters are well labelled but under any form of control outside of the VST makes the VST unusable - it’s kinda one or the other right now… or only use CC1/2/3 but that’s quite limited.

Fingers crossed they make some kind of update - either fixing the UI or allowing more CCs.

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As far as I can tell, I have similar issues with landforms. I haven’t tried controlling a bunch of exposed parameters in Cycles tho. Fingers crossed it works out.

Is Choreographs good on mangling vocal samples and making new melodies out of them? I am looking for a plugin that can do that.

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since i am aiming to release my first proper kontakt instrument soon i want to elaborate on the gui problem:
i was quite fascinated how they can make 3 layers available in only on main gui page and do a dynamic switching based on the parameters you touch. many kontakt instruments would have static tabs instead, where you switch the view to see all available parameters. also it is really hard to establish a modulation system for the effects. i feel choregraph really works well with a mouse!

with the dynamic parameter switching you keep in the flow → the gui follows and shows what you need to see.

it seems to me they should add 2 things:

on/ off option for a dynamic ui switching > to prevent the ui from being jumpy when two or more parameters are modulated by a DAW.

Biderectional ui page updates aka hardware mode> for example when you touch channel I you gonna see the tune page with the parameter and the numbox.
if it is midi mapped and you are on a different view only the numbox is updated but not the page view/ parameter name…
omnisphere is the leader in that regard

Thanks for those insights. I think I would be content if they allowed for more Midi CC modulation - that way things would work as they currently do, but there would be more scope for external parameter modulation without messing up the UI. If that was the case, it would probably make sense to place CC’s after the other internal modulation options (LFOs etc.)

In the meantime, the limitations do keep things focussed which isn’t a bad thing.

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I agree, just open up more CC channels and I’d be good to go.

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Does anyone know how to set up any slate and ash libraries with MPE / ROLI controllers? Apparently they used to have config files that just work but that is no longer true any more

I’ll try it out today and let you know, that’s a good idea!

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