Sleeping is Better -- SuperCollider ambient music CDR


I recently made a CDR using SuperCollider.

It’s two humble riffs on the amazing helpfile for the LocalIn object. Technically I didn’t do much to the helpfile, except change some values, and tame this white noise attack impulse thing.

I would call it ambient music – listening back has been helpful to me during rough times. A friend described it as similar to looking at the surface of water from below, both visually and feeling the pressure.

I have reservations about putting music online to be streamed. I’d also like to preserve the feeling of popping in a CD, not knowing what it will sound like, as opposed to clicking a button. (Remember that?)

So I’m keeping it offline for now, and instead have been mailing them to friends over the past month. I really enjoy mailing things to people, so please reach out if you’d like a copy. :metal: