"Slow /", a slothcore compilation

In January 2021, while waiting for FAWM to start, someone created a thread challenging people to invent fake musical genres. One person came up with:

#slothcore: “very slow (like 20 - 40bpm), dirty & with long pauses to simulate naps. Perfect music for that overworked college/university student in your life.”

For some reason the genre took off, and by the end of February we had 81 songs. I volunteered to organize the songs into albums, and we released “Slothcore Republic” earlier this year:

Today we released our second album, Slow /. The album is the first from a compilation of 4, honoring the loving memory of dzdandcunfsd, a FAWM member and passionate slothcorer:

All the proceeds from sales go to 2 sloth conservation societies in Costa Rica, and I’m also matching sales with donations to a music school that dzdandcunfsd was associated with.


Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, but glad to see he will be remembered so fondly. Also, thank you so much for sharing the compilations; looking forward to listening! I like the concept, I have made some music that may already be Slothcore. Proto-Sloth.