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Hello everyone. I’m new - first post, be kind!

I was inspired by the thread Why Have a Label in 2020? which discussed why to have a label to release to. As I read, I realised that I do not really know of any such small labels, and that this is a world I’ve yet to really explore at all.

With that in mind, what are some of your favourite small labels and what sort of music do they generally cater for?


I didn’t follow the other thread and generally don’t pay enough attention to label size to say what is small enough to qualify here, but I love the output from the following:

  • Infrequency Editions - Electroaccoustic music, very tasteful curation. I don’t think they’ve released anything I didn’t like so far.
  • Important Drone Records - Some really great drone records.
  • Shelter Press - Found them because they released music by Eli Keszler that I really liked. Some other really nice music as well.
  • Touch - Lots of great quiet/drone/ambient music, active since the 80s.
  • New Amsterdam Records - Somewhere between neoclassical and jazz. Generally rather modern composed music.

Broken20 - “releases concerned with decay, erosion, entropy, mistakes and errors, line noise and tape hiss, hum and buzz.”

Front & Follow - synth explorations

Lowhop Records - hip hop made by angry robots




1 Like my friends in France, all manner of stuff in the fields of experimental, strange, oneiric, outer space and electronic arts


I really enjoy the labels listed below. I’ve worked with most of them on releases and they have all be super supportive/easy to work with. Music/genre wise they all focus on ambient/drone/experimental.

Aural Canyon:
Obsolete Staircases:
Muzan Editions:
Mystery Circles:
Endangered Species:
Warm Gospel:
Past Inside the Present:
Unknown Tone:
Otherworldly Mystics:
Rusted Tone:
Shimmering Moods:
Histamine Tapes:
Flag Day:


I’ll give a shout out to Flag Day Recordings from Pennsylvania. It’s run by Guillermo Pizarro and has a wide range of experimental styles. I’ve done two releases with him and he’s a wonderful person to work with.


Here are two of my favorites:

Leaving Records:
Moon Glyph: in general is the best place I’ve found for discovering this kind of thing. Their weekly recommendations and curated lists are excellent.


Rusted Tone are great, will definitely check out the others if they’re in a similar vein.


Unheard records
Focused on putting out unreleased material like singles and EPs from artists who are already releasing, but they put out full-lengths sometimes too.

Heavy Mess
Used to be a tape label, now digital-only. Drone and improv. Donates profits to charity.

Whited Sepulchre Records
Ambient, experimental, drone

Dismal Niche
Lots of guitar-oriented ambient music.

Exploding in Sound
More ‘punk,’ I guess. Heavy guitars and/or lyrical content.


not sure if small label is correct. Lots of very nice drone but also older works:


Some favs:
(Full disclosure- Ross released my debut with my partner, Ola)


This thread = treasure trove. Cannot wait to delve into some of these links later today.

This is my favorite small label right now: Just wildly creative releases. I have almost the full catalog on cassette. Recommended if you like the far out creativity thing. RECOMMENDED RELEASE:

This is my favorite small label right now: Everything from extreme digital manipulations to immaculate ambient dubs. Creativity is again the thematic. RECOMMENDED RELEASE:

This is my favorite small label right now: Recommended for free jazz freaks, a.k.a. other music enthusiasts. Endless stream of excellent creativity. RECOMMENDED RELEASE:

And I have helped run this label for over ten years: It has turned a little bit into the David B. Applegate show recently but our ears are always open for new sonics. RECOMMENDED RELEASE:


Archive Officielle
is a multidisciplinary platform and a physical archive focused on conceptual work.
Founded in 2016


Definitely not writing all of these down…

Thank you for this thread!

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Umor Rex and Geographic North are two of my favorites. I love the design they do for their releases too.

Recital puts some incredible care into the packaging and concepts of their releases, I wish they did larger runs, because they are always sold out when I check to see what they’ve released!

tasty morsels is a free netlabel out of France that has some incredible releases on it. Also many of the artists have really cool experimental websites.

On the experimental website train of thought, Nonlocal Research out of Chile has some wild stuff. Website here, it is definitely worth clicking around.

In the community, I’ve really liked seeing the things Seil, Proun Press, and {int}erpret null have released thus far.

It’s not a label, it’s either a store or a distributor, I’m not really sure which, but I love checking Boomkat which curates a really cool collection of things.


I was not aware of them, but have already found a lot of interesting things to listen to. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

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Umor Rex and Geo North are 100% the best design in the game


I’ll just go with Latency as a starter. Very different design approach to the above, and excellent.

Can’t believe I forgot to mention Game of Life!
A terrific net-label from Athens, Greece. Some next level works and great artists (biased opinion, the released my quartet Figure From Ground’s EP, which, for me, was like getting signed to Discord). I encourage a deep dive and their releases are FREE!!!

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