Small US tour in August: Portland & Spokane

Hey all, happy to finally be able to share this info, I’m playing three gigs in US (my first time in US as well), and then staying for whole August at residency in Laboratory Spokane where I’ll be mostly experimenting with code and prototyping new visual outputs.

I’ll bring my DIY monome, and experimental mlr-inspired max4live granular looper (and some other toys).

I’m also gonna visit SF for few days after the residency, in early September (and will probably give a talk there, more info soon-ish).


Congratulations on your US tour and good luck! I’ll catch you in Portland when you’re here

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Looking forward to your PDX gig at the Ace Hotel

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Hey this sounds pretty good, I’ll be seeing you in Portland!

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There’s been a change to the Portland show, I’ll share the stage with AMULETS!

Here’s Facebook event if anyone is still using that:

Thanks to everyone for showing up at Portland, I uploaded short excerpt from the gig here:

Playing at Spokane Object Space tonight, and then Boots Bakery in a week, come say hi if you’re around!