Smallbatch in M4L focus issue

Hi all,
I’ve just run into an issue trying to run the M4L version of smallbatch (on @elquinto 's github) with re:mix and flin (out of “terms”) in Ableton Live 9. I’m running OSX El Capitan v10.11.1.

FYI, flin and re:mix both work fine, and I can focus on each app by either clicking on the associated track or using the arrow keys on my keyboard to highlight the associated tracks. All good! However, I’d like to avoid using the mouse/keyboard, and so that’s where smallbatch comes in, so that I can make the switch directly on the monome. I’ve downloaded the smallbatch version located on elquinto’s github (as mentioned above), and I can’t “connect” to my monome on both flin and smallbatch simultaneously. re:mix has no problem staying connected regardless.

The result is that I need to “connect” my monome to smallbatch, and I can successfully switch between, and control, both re:mix and flin, but since I’m not “connected” to flin (the connection drops once I connect to smallbatch, and vice versa) I’m not getting any LED feedback from flin.

Any ideas?

it doesn’t work because the terms devices use the newer/current version serialosc.maxpat which has the smallbatch stuff removed. it seems like all apps going forward are going to be using it.

afaik this is the latest serialosc.maxpat that works with smallbatch- (october 2014)

Hmmm ok thanks so much for the quick reply @elquinto. Is there an alternate solution to smallbatch that would work with the latest serialosc? I suppose there’s pages but do I really want to go down that road?

Lastly, will I lose much by going with the october 2014 serialosc instead of the current version? Do I simply unzip and install, or do I need to uninstall the current serialosc first? (Sorry if this seems painfully obvious, and thanks for your ongoing help).

Unfortunately there’s no alternative solution… but you wouldn’t lose anything by switching to the 2014 version. What you want to do is open the patch in edit mode, unfreeze, save, then go to Documents/Max 7/Max for Live Devices/Flin and replace the serialosc.maxpat with the old one. pretty sure that’s it. This way only replaces the serialosc.maxpat for that one device, so you’ll need to repeat the process for the rest of terms to use them with smallbatch.

Ok sounds good. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

edit: @elquinto not sure I know how to “unfreeze” the patch…

the little snowflake looking symbol at the bottom of the window when u enter edit mode.

Hey, so I tried it and it doesn’t seem like anything has changed… :frowning2: any other ideas? I’ll keep tinkering around.

EDIT: Actually, I just got it working. After applying all of the changes, I have to just keep using the instance of flin which was already loaded. If I re-insert a new instance of flin in a track in Live, I suppose something re-sets (?)… maybe I’m not properly saving something once I’ve implemented the changes?

when u unfroze the device did it ask u to save a new copy of flin somewhere? i think that because it’s part of a Live pack, it won’t let u actually edit the original and it makes u save a copy.