Smallbatch vari-bright support

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get smallbatch working with some of my vari-bright patches. Although I’ve got my button presses registered it doesn’t give any led feedback. After taking a look in led-router.js I noticed there are no lines for /led/level/etc. Think this needs to be added but I don’t know how.

I’ve been doing some trial and error in the existing code and got the led/level/set messages working but nothing on the /col /row etc side … anybody been working on this? … Or if anybody could put me in the right direction?

Tx in advance!

I don’t think the standalone smallbatch ever got updated with the ‘finished’ patch in monome_sum. It’s likely only a small job to do so (probably just copying the route.js and led_route.js from sum into smallbatch), but I can’t say it’s on my priorities list right now.

There’s definitely code in monome_sum to allow smallbatch to handle multiple varibright grids, or even a combination of some vari, some non-vari grids.

Thanks Galapagoose, I’ll try it out today!

I know it’s been a while but did you ever work out a solution to this? Having the same problem, key presses working but no LED feedback on anything but the standard sum apps. Thanks!

@olvrjck I got it to work with varibright some months ago by editing led-router.js. Not using it since it needs an older version of serialosc.maxpat (or a modification of the current one) to work . here’s the edited .js file. try replacing the original file with this one. not guaranteeing any success though …

led-router.js (27.2 KB)