Smallest possible accelerometer hardware (BLE or WiFi)

I’m working on a project that uses a tiny sensor to transmit accelerometer data. I can’t say too much as there is a patent out there on the thing - I’m just a programmer helping realise some tools around that hardware but have also been dabbling in making the hardware connect to different OS’s. Anyway, I was curious if anyone out there had worked in this area themselves and had any insight to offer. The sensor that is currently being used seems like an absolute nightmare. My mac can’t even seen it natively when trying to pair while literally every other device can. My feeling is some kind of device that can do an ad-hoc network between itself and the machine would be ideal and allow the data to be transmitted via OSC or WebSockets or something to that effect.

I was looking at alternatives such as this Adafruit board if anyone specifically had used this (it seems popular).

P.S if anyone has experience working with BLE technology and Max I would love to pick your brain…