Smartphone audio recording with interfaces/external mics


I’ve been able to use my Komplete Audio 6 interface wth my iPhone/iPad via a powered usb hub. So far (fingers crossed) no unrecognized errors.

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I’m looking for a simple device that I can connect to my iPhone 8+ to do “on the fly” stereo recording using the default iPhone camera app.

Wanting to know, if anyone has used the Line 6 sonic port in this way?

I see it works with garage band etc… but what about if I wanna record a video via default iPhone cam app?

Thanks much!!


It works, I’ve done it!

I usually use my iPad fwiw, no reason to think that it wouldn’t work with a newer iPhone!


THANK YOU!! <3 (that’s a heart symbol which I need to explain so I can go over the minimal character limit so I can reply thank you)


No problem! I’m pretty sure r beny used the Sonic Port in most of his videos.

Also the Roland Go Mixer might work as well!


It looks like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is using the Shure MV88 in a video on her Facebook page…

It sounds like she is getting some nice results from the video…


I just picked up a pair of 30-pin mics to use with the collection of old iOS devices I use to make music with. I got a Fostex AR4i and a Tascam iM2 for the princely sum of £10. I’ve not had chance to do anything with them yet but will do over the coming weeks.


Can anyone recommend something for getting eurorack signals into to an iPhone directly? I’d like to take the lunch box out and record directly to the iPhone without having a mixer in between.