Smartphones/Lil pup

Smartphones/Lil pup

Tools for generative music and live performance

Smartphones is a collection of m4l devices that use send and receive text boxes to route messages between each other. Each device has a dedicated function and plays a specific role in creating generative or “action based sequences”.

Lil pup (now a smartphone!) is the worlds smallest random loop generator. One click can randomize pitch, velocity, midi note and pulse placement. There have been multiple reports of users falling asleep while attempting to record an ambient track with this device.

This is a thread for users to post questions, concerns, [instrument rack presets] or anything else you can think of:) glhf!


  • Ableton live 10 suite
  • Max for live
  • Smartphones starter pack
    (lite versions available)

Downloads and More Info

Downloads and guides for each device can be found @


so glad youre here!

what do you recommend as a means to generate triggers? i’ve had some success but feel like a more consistent starter spark would guide me to better sessions

context: i rarely used midi fx within ableton before this


OH! I hadn’t noticed your lite versions. That’s very generous of you! I’m going to have a play today


Hi gila! Good to be here:)

The two ways I usually start off a sequence use dial or map. Using dial, any midi passed thru it will trigger the top two pink boxes to count up, sending a pulse on whatever trigger number you choose. Using map, setting the pulse value to around 50, then passing that value with a slider will send a pulse. This is way more fun because you can map a midi controller to the sliders.


Yes! The lite versions are to help people figure out what’s actually going on before they dive in. Try lil pup first, that’s my favorite!

big ups bro! glad youre posting these on lines! been going deep with these all week, and just wanted to say everyone should wrap their heads around em. go buy these!!! such an inspiring toolkit and it really is endless what you can string together just with a knob and a fader… the tracks you put up on instagram are mind blowing! really has me inspired to make beats with these tools, so i’ve been working out an all smartphone template to drop recordings and drums into. here today’s jam:

thanks for making crazy shit!


Yooo nic! It is scary how good you are at these already haha. In that post it sounds like you’re using map to do sooo many things with that drum fader. And all the other elements you got flying around it, the routing must be huge! Are you using a drum rack or an instrument rack? What would your template look like? That sounds like a cool idea. I’ve been saving smaller instrument rack presets for specific functions like “ring randomizer” or “8 string” and it definitely speeds up workflow.

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haha… thanks man! i got like 6 midi tracks, each with a instrument rack. all of em are 1 or 2 map and 1 or 2 ring… but one fader track is like 3 map, and 4 drum racks in a rack… so dope to take a long recording and just layer different snippets all over each other… the drums are 2 map and 3 ring, kick snare and hat… run the audio through a ableton echo… map is controlling the filter on the echo too… could seriously just mess with the drums all day… then i just compress the shit out of it… it’s barely touching my CPU too… genius m4l shit mannnnnn…


this is super helpful

tagging @edison how do yall assign the triggers these devices produce? or is it random?


Amazing… so it’s massive haha!

Yes the cpu Is very low on the actual devices, it’s just the amount of instruments running in real time that might slow it down. But I’m usually running like a million instances of diva in multicore mode with an I9 and I’ve been ok.

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Congrats, the devices look great. Looking forward to trying them :slight_smile:

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It depends on what you wanna do with them!

To get midi notes out, you can send a pulse from map to ring. That will play a midi note that you can use to trigger a lot of stuff.

To automate a parameter change you can send a pulse to the volume device while it’s mapped to something. Try opening and closing a filter like that.


almost all of what i’m doing is map…
that fires out triggers to ring…
have ring cycle through 5-10 notes before a drum rack.
and just dump a bunch of samples for mayhem.
you can just mess around for ever as it doesn’t really ever sound repetitious.
man, i been geeked! haha

which combo would be used to trigger a sample or something? ring sending a midi note to the rack?

I’ve never tried that!!!

ahhhhh that’s how you’re getting it so massive and organic sounding!
your tracks sound so alive!
i’m always making everything audio right away…
so good man,

Exactly. Any pulse to ring can trigger a sample or play a synth.


Thank you! Yeah running live instruments helps make the sound super non linear. Especially with diva or any other analog modeling synth because they’re already so unpredictable


Bought the set. Ready to dig in!


Awesome! Let us know how it goes!