work-in-progress-will edit out this top text once more finished
giving myself more time, 1st release date now moved to 1/20/2022


a general starting place from which to create many apps/scripts/engines based on an audio-file-clip-launcher which reads master BPM(among other things) from file titles, sequences through a folder of files, and synchronizes manipulation(recording/playback) of 6 softcut voices as well as supercollider-based effects to the master BPM(in the future, synths and other effects and processes will be added/swapped-out for specific performance/song-contexts).

[image or video] - will add later
:point_up: :point_down: i will clean all this up later :blush: thanks for your patience…
[full description]
(hoping to have this post more firmly presented by Jan. 1̶0̶t̶h̶ 20th 2022, with ongoing added explanation/demos after that til Feb. 22, 2022)

’smoke_n_mirrors’ - as far as ‘apps’ go: it’s a complete LIE! it’s more a ‘setup’ to create rhythmic songs, and i hope to keep it ever-changing… which means it probably won’t have a finished state(i think i’ll enjoy starting many things from this ‘audio-clip as a fancy click-track’ idea for quite awhile :smiley: ).

’norns_stager’ - some scripts that help me to learn… will add more over time…

i feel apologetic about the fact that things might remain unpolished compared to all other apps …thanks for your patience…
anyways, still working on cleaning this post up…


norns + grid…(& Max if you’d like to play with the demo max patch(“AlienFBMEye”) which can receive OSC from the ‘dregz’ script of ‘norns_stager’ in order to play visuals synchronized to the audio playing on norns)


instructions for ‘smoke_n_mirrors’

instructions for ‘norns_stager’


for ‘smoke_n_mirrors’, in maiden type:


for ‘norns_stager’:


Most of all: thanks for your patience and letting me offer this a little differently… feel really grateful to have a norns, don’t know what i can give back to the community, maybe these little things will be found interesting… thanks for reading… more soon…


i need time to properly check this out but i wanna thank you

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@rajaTheResidentAlien, i just see a readme and license in the smoke_n_mirrors github repository. are there other files that still need to be added?

side note: what you played at yesterday’s flashcrash was splendid!

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oh crap, sorry, was trying to do too many things at once yesterday(and also the night before, must’ve got through writing the readme and thought that was it :laughing: …and everyone here probably thinking, ‘haha, it’s called, ‘smoke and mirrors’ and it doesn’t exist… i see what he did there’… no i swear! that was unintentional :rofl: it exists! it exists! :joy: )

ok, it’s up on the github now… i’ll keep cleaning up the description above.

sorry, @Errybuddy! :blush:

And Thank You So Much, @jaseknighter for the kind words!! :heart:

Also: to everyone and anyone… so i must admit part of my slowness now is that i’m stumped and thinking that maybe i don’t have ‘design skills’ :joy: … wondering if i could ask others to give me suggestions:
• wondering what you might like for a grid interface(there’s one now, it’s like clock-hands that rotate to show progression per-voice, but it’s built for 256, if you try with 128, you can still use it, but i also have to explain later how to route the inputs(it’s commented in the code, but i should go through it better here…))… basically, any ideas on an interface that shows progression of playback and recording, and could also allow you to manipulate-oh fuk it-basically the same kind of control as MLR :joy: should i just make an MLR-interface here? but i was also thinking there might be ways to incorporate more control per-step, if it was more like a moving-sprite(a surface-area of 4 or more buttons could allow for more specific controls to happen in more specific contexts, plus, would allow me to change it up to something more game-like… then again, wouldn’t it be fun, just to take MLR, and suddenly have it turn into a game of ‘centipede’? ok, i’m rambling…)… ya, any ideas welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

• also looking for any suggestions on norns interface itself(but nothing fancy, just want to keep that part simple with basic info on one single page if possible), mainly better more intuitive ways to incorporate control that would normally be found spread out on the grid, somehow nested within the 3 knobs and encoders, too(just so it’s accessible for jamming without a grid, too)

this is not done yet, haha, sorry if it’s a weird rollout, i’m just thinking i should develop it out in the open more and more… thanks for all the patience, and any time and advice you got to spare :heart:



usually, when i write lol, it is more like i’m laughing out loud inside myself.

when i read your reply above, i really did laugh out loud, really. :rofl: :pray: :heart: