So Bad It's Good: a Movie Thread


Oh, Time Cop. For some reason my favorite Van Damme. Except how the main villain dies. That scene is strange.

I’ll raise you an “Eye of the Tiger” starring Gary Busey. They even re-used that song.


First time I’ve ever seen Rubber referred to as “bad” in any way! I haven’t seen it but his “Wrong” is wonderful.

For me, with or without the MST3K commentary, Manos: Hands of Fate remains the best/worst of the good/bad. So bad I bought the “restored” version on blu-ray.



If you haven’t seen it, all you need to know is:

Sean Connery in a loincloth
Giant floating stone head that vomits guns


but… Rubber isn’t bad. It’s just an example of a slightly non-classic narration.


this movie is amazing, cutting the pizza with scissors has become a major inside joke among my friends


ZARDOZ YES! One of my all time favorites!


woah thanks for the reminder, i’ve been meaning to watch Super Mario Bros for ages. that’s definitely a finalist for tonight’s viewing!


There are actually two documentaries on Cannon that are pretty interesting. If you’re interested in good bad action movies of the 80s, I’d highly recommend checking them out :slight_smile:


Class of 1999. With Pam Grier, Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Keach and a few other staples of the era.

Sadly the link below misses the preamble.


oh man somebody opened Pandora’s box here! :smiley:
One of the best trash movies is this one imho, though I wouldn’t consider it a bad movie:

… and I could go on for days talking about trashy movies, but most of them are not inherently bad.

Good-bad movies are most of Arnold Schwarzenegger ones, but you have to watch them with the original sound (not dubbed) it’s so much more fun, I’m thinking films like Last Action Hero True Lies. Actually some of them are actually almost good good. And then of course there is Hercules, which takes us back to trash movies:


They are definitely good good. True Lies is great imho. I’m a huge Arnold fan. Watched those movies at least 50 times. And I can lip-sync most of both Terminators in German and English :slight_smile:

Hercules is another story of course. I still watch it when it’s on, though.


Manos! Forgot about that one


Went to an evening some time ago with ‘Zardoz’ playing and straight after ‘Surf Nazis must die’ and finally ‘Black Gestapo’.


Inspired by the mention of bad taste… Another vhs that did the rounds in high school was this Peter Jackson classic.

Worth it for the Lawnmower scene and the zombie hunting priest’s line (that I won’t spoil).


This thread would be incomplete with out mention of Nic Cage. Face/Off is my absolutely favorite of his.


Oh Braindead… that’s actually also good-good imho!
Taking of which, lots of zombie movies are actually good-bad ones. I mean, once there’s zombies they have to be good, even if they’re bad. Well, except for World War Z, that didn’t make it in that category.


I haven’t seen this in a while, but Riki-Oh is absolutely bananas.


I’m slightly concerned by the lack of Steven Seagal mentions!


I honestly watched this so many times in my childhood I loved it.

Also Zappa’s 200 motels is on some other shit. Ringo Star as Zappa, definitely check it out if you’ve never seen it


I’ve definitely seen many many movies that fit this category. One of my favorites is Descendant of the Sun from 1983. It’s a late cycle Shaw Brothers kung fu movie that is also kind of a weird Superman knock off!?! Here’s a YouTube clip that sums it up----the lasers just don’t quit!