So Bad It's Good: a Movie Thread


Demolition Man is actually good though :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for this great thread!! Already picked up some suggestions.
Sadly my vocabulary is very limited in this field… Initially wanted to post Flash Gordon, but having watched Zardoz yesterday, there’s really no comparison :slight_smile:

Agreed, but having a hard time calling it really good without trying to rethink. cheesy stuff :slight_smile:


Lets not forget “Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam” aka Turkish Star wars.

It’s so bad that it’s really g…well, it’s really bad.

A few choice scenes:
4:12 - using scenes and music from Star Wars…like the actual scenes
31:42 - rock fighting / gym training scene
1:22:30 - fighting various monsters from Yo Gabba Gabba
1:26:39 - Final boss fight. Well worth the watch, just for the cringes.


I mean…where do I even begin:

Try those - I have more.


There’s a lot of bad Italian zombie movies. Almost all of them have great soundtracks. Burial ground is my favourite!


While I’m not a connoisseur of good bad movies, I’d recommend checking out The Flop House podcast. Each episode they “review” a bad movie and give their opinion if it’s a good bad movie or a bad bad movie.
It’s pretty fun and it’s one of my favorite podcasts.


What, no mentions of Samurai Cop or even The Wicker Man remake???

So many amazingly awful moments in both of those films.


I’ve never seen The Wicker Man remake and, being a fan of bad Nic Cage movies, I’m very disappointed in myself. I should just rent it.


Surprised not to see more indian / bollywood (kollywood tollywood etc.) movies in this list. They’re kind of kings at this, making look any hollywood live action franchise as some boring intellectual intimist movie. The Enthiran franchise is a good example of completely nonsensical whatthefuckamIwatching live action with awful CGI effects and bad punchlines around every corner. But yeah. In general it’s a very very vast topic ^^


i had the privilege of seeing The Astrologer (1976) in a theater last week - i hadn’t heard of it before my cinephile friend told me he bought us tickets to the screening. this one is TRULY the Citizen Kane of bad movies imho. highly highly highly recommended for bad movie fans, though i’m not sure how to find a digital copy. it doesn’t look like it’s on PTP - let me know if you can find it anywhere else because I would love to have a copy.


Watch the original if you haven’t first. It’s bad, madly inspiring and visually intriguing - at same time. :slight_smile:

Another gem in this vein of movies:

Absolutely adore this film.


I’ve never actually seen this, but the trailer is amazing. On my to watch list.


I was surprised not to see The Devil’s Rain here yet so here goes

It’s worth watching just for the scene where litteraly the whole cast of the movie melts (litterally, they melt) in a ridiculously neverending scene that admittedly swallowed the movie’s whole budget. And to taunt you into watching the unwatchable even more, I’ll leave you with this quote from wikipedia :

“The Devil’s Rain received a uniformly negative critical response, with the chief complaint being the incoherent storyline. The film’s refusal to provide adequate scares was also widely criticized.”

“The movie’s disastrous reception arguably killed off director Fuest’s career.”


the correct answer … that popcorn scene…


Has anyone seen the Star Wars holiday/x-mas special? I’ve heard it’s awful and have been trying to see it for years now.


It’s beyond awful. Very hard to get through the whole thing. I haven’t a seen it since the 90’s and I’m still recovering.


You don’t really want to see it, but it’s on youtube :slight_smile:


@emenel @electret

This is the same thing my close friend told me. So it’s a case of It’s So Bad It’s Bad?


Yeah just plain bad. I’ve put the audio in the background this morning and I had to stop it.


pacific rim
the man who knew too little
wild wild west
mission impossible