So Bad It's Good: a Movie Thread


just finished Moonraker, i knew it would be nuts but i didn’t think it would be THIS nuts. highly recc’d


This looks amazing. and20


I know ! I watched it at the early days of acceptable streaming a decade ago, on a website I loved that just streamed random movies all day, with absolutely 0 coherence from one movie to the next, and after a long night of not sleeping, I ended up in front of this thing for 1h30 of bewilderment. Nice times.


The Lift: a movie about a lift that kills people. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

Edit: and does Reanimator count? Loved that one.


Movies I loved as a kid that I now understand weren’t very good but that I loved completely and unironically,

Flash Gordon (scene below still gives me chills, memmmmmmmories. Sorry about the dumb gender roles.)

He-Man (which I only recently realized was actually named Masters of the Universe)


And then a bunch of not-age appropriate movies that my parents let me watch anyways…Conan really stands out there. What were they thinking?


Masters of the Universe is amazing horrible and hilarious. I always love a fantasy world invades the real world plot.


I was hoping the Nic Cage/Hayden Christiansen ex-Crusaders in China movie Outcast would be so bad it’s good, but it is dull and lifeless - don’t waste your time!


Cherry 2000, 1987. Guy has a sex robot which breaks and he doesn’t want one of the new, inferior ones, so he hires a lady bounty hunter of sorts to take him to a secret junkyard of sex robot parts. Some weird party crew that look like they otherwise would have been at a Jimmy Buffett show try to stop them (violently).

Budget: $10mil
Box office: $14k