So Bad It's Good: a Movie Thread


just finished Moonraker, i knew it would be nuts but i didn’t think it would be THIS nuts. highly recc’d


This looks amazing. and20


I know ! I watched it at the early days of acceptable streaming a decade ago, on a website I loved that just streamed random movies all day, with absolutely 0 coherence from one movie to the next, and after a long night of not sleeping, I ended up in front of this thing for 1h30 of bewilderment. Nice times.


The Lift: a movie about a lift that kills people. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

Edit: and does Reanimator count? Loved that one.


Movies I loved as a kid that I now understand weren’t very good but that I loved completely and unironically,

Flash Gordon (scene below still gives me chills, memmmmmmmories. Sorry about the dumb gender roles.)

He-Man (which I only recently realized was actually named Masters of the Universe)


And then a bunch of not-age appropriate movies that my parents let me watch anyways…Conan really stands out there. What were they thinking?


Masters of the Universe is amazing horrible and hilarious. I always love a fantasy world invades the real world plot.


I was hoping the Nic Cage/Hayden Christiansen ex-Crusaders in China movie Outcast would be so bad it’s good, but it is dull and lifeless - don’t waste your time!


Cherry 2000, 1987. Guy has a sex robot which breaks and he doesn’t want one of the new, inferior ones, so he hires a lady bounty hunter of sorts to take him to a secret junkyard of sex robot parts. Some weird party crew that look like they otherwise would have been at a Jimmy Buffett show try to stop them (violently).

Budget: $10mil
Box office: $14k


Bad good or good good - time will tell. But sign me up!


I love movies that are so bad they’re good.

Pacific Rim and the sequel are great!

To me, if a movie is entertaining, i consider it “good.”


I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Miami Connection yet?



I won’t call this a bad movie, but for anyone who liked anything on this list:

Eega” (aka “Eecha” or “Makkhi”, depending on region / distributor) is the best movie ever.

It starts slow, and it stays slow for entirety too long; you’re gonna doubt my judgement before it turns around. But it turns around hard.


If you’re into kung fu flicks and babies being thrown out of buildings then I highly recommend The Heroic Trio.



great stuff in here
the whole movie is freely available online via places I’d rather not link to…


I… remember that.

(There was a copy, on betamax, on the top shelf of my dad’s closet. To a kid, that’s practically an invitation!)


Not Cage’s wacky best, but the quick tone shifting from sappy melodrama to stark ultra-violence makes for some unintentional comedy.



I recently saw The Meg, the new film where Jason Statham fights a gigantic prehistoric shark. It’s very bad and makes no sense. It also contains a scene where a man in a zorb gets eaten by the shark. I had fun.


i totally enjoyed the meg. i mean yeah it was bad but there wasn’t any way it was going to be good. so in fact it was just about perfect. it totally got me easily to ‘wiling suspension of disbelief’. i laughed, i did not cry. but fun was most assuredly had (if you like shark movies). it was much better for instance than the realism seeking of something like the shallows. i did not enjoy the shallows. it was bad but not good bad. bad bad not good.

so if you are looking for fun summer family shark movie nonsense, look no further!