So Bad It's Good: a Movie Thread


about to enter the canon?


I haven’t seen a huge number, but Zombi 2 (1979) has one of the craziest scenes I’ve ever come across in a zombie movie. Hidden below if you don’t care about spoilers - and you probably shouldn’t if you’re watching this kind of trash.

Youtube clip of the surprising Zombie scene I'm talking about


Kung Pow! Enter the Fist, anyone?


Recently, I saw Neil Breen’s latest film “Twisted Pair”



nope that’s just bad :joy:


To be fair, it’s been a good few years since I’ve watched it in full. But it used to appeal to my purile teenage sense of humour :smiley:



I loved Mandy. It was like a psychedelic nightmare


Yeah but the real question though is, IS IT ABOUT TO ENTER THE POKEMON STORYLINE CANON ? In which case I’m eagerly anticipating the 8th generation games all of the sudden.


you could start with the bracket you did a few years ago :slight_smile:


this video does a great job explaining all the trouble the Mario Bros movie had in production, which explains a lot (kind of)


i am genuinely excited about this no matter the outcome. a feature length experience watching those CGI furry pokemon is something i will sign up for.


I’m adding Krampus to this list.

Every Christmas morning, for the past five years, I’ve watched that thing, while my wife questions my sanity. It gets worse/better with every year.


Jupiter Ascending: nonsense plot and some high powered overacting by Eddie Redmayne… good times


I am surprised The Room hasn’t been mentioned yet. A instant classic good-bad film. This is my favorite scene

Another I really enjoyed, maybe more good than bad (in my opinion) is They Live


I clicked on this thread to suggest The Room. It’s so bad, it’s great! I went to a midnight screening in SF with Wiseau (the director) answering (or ignoring) questions beforehand. That guy is a real character.


I think They Live is straight up great. It’s pretty dated, but has stuck around for good reason.


Agreed, besides being entertaining it’s a good critique of Reagoanomics and consumer capitalism.


I just watched Logan’s Run. There were a few out-there moments but overall I’m gonna have to put this one into the dreaded “not quite bad enough to be good” category.


Finally watched this (whole thing’s on YouTube). Once just me and my wife, and for the second time when we needed something in the background cheesy enough to follow up Friday the 13th VIII: Jason takes Manhattan, watched with friends. The face melting is awesome, and perhaps too cool for its own good because it seems like the entire movie relies solely on its effect to generate any kind of interest/excitement. The final ‘devil’s rain’ scene is amazing. You literally get the same shots of the acolytes melting into goopy, multi-colored puddles just replayed over and over. The pacing in every scene is dreadful. For me, it gains from rewatching as its hilarity improves with age; the first time I laughed aloud once or twice, but mostly found it boring and bad. The second time, its faults more apparent, was a deliriously warped kind of comedy.

A couple more highlights: the hilariously ahistoric dialogue from the flashback scene to colonial America.
AND…John Travolta is in this movie. Can you find him?