So Bad It's Good: a Movie Thread


This feels like a very good description of the movie, I back everything you said. I remember personnaly watching it for the first time at 4am on a website that illegaly streamed random movies all day long, it played in between a Bill Murray movie about bowling and an old Superman one because apparently why not. I was super tired at the time and remember very little about the storyline because it was slow and incoherent, but I watched it all the way through in a sort of hypnotized state.

ps : thinking about it, I’m kinda sad that the director was born at the wrong era, he probably would have had much more success in the videogame business as a writer for Far Cry.


It probably helps if you are 12 and in the 90s but oh man I still watch this pretty much once a year ever since 1995. Jesus I guess that means I’ve seen this about 23 times. Seems about right.

I’m in the so good its good camp with this movie though. Eric Corley was a consultant! Gotta be why the mentor’s manifesto made it in… also just a wonderful thing to see as a kid: marginalized cultures unite to fuck over the man with a soundtrack by Underworld and Orbital! :slight_smile:

1984 man, that’s a typo!

What, your mom buy you a 'puter for christmas or something?

(Also fun cameo by Penn Gillette as the corporate stooge sysadmin.)


I rewatched Hackers lately and it is dumb but fun, definitely falls into the so bad its good category for me. That 90s soundtrack too!



I love hackers! I force the husband to watch it on occasion lol


I love Tommy…a very thin story including the who, elton john, tina turner and a very alcoholic oliver reed…maybe a shit idea to have roger daltrey act a blind messiah in the end or tina turner being the heroin queen :flushed: but everybody i know won‘t even have 20minutes with this-i love it​:heart:Its utter shit​:poop:


Thats great! Have you seen james franco’s the disaster artist? He seems like such a strange character


I love it! I think some of my friends did not expect such long fight scenes! I think this just added to the charm!


posted this in a new, suitable thread :wink:


It’s probably time we created a dedicated “So Good It’s Great” film thread :wink:


oh lol yeah i guess i just thought this was a general movie thread! i’m new to this board :confused:


Watched the Prophecy films over christmas, prime 90’s good-badness i’d never seen/heard of before. Christopher Walken pretty much the only redeeming feature of the sequels tho


Haha, no worries — this was a good reminder, actually! I’ve been thinking about creating a more all-purpose film thread for a while.