So i recorded a Dungeon Synth album. "Adventurers Despised and Rejected" by Disgusting Cathedral

Had a lot of fun putting this together. My idea of DS, no idea what the Casio keyboard D&D purists will make of it. More like dungeon surrealism / dungeon noise. Variously recorded using circuitbent stuff, Eurorack, obscure Nintendo DS music apps, rackmount FX and lots of 4-track tape manipulation. :slight_smile:


Incredible. Stoked to listen. I’m actually in the process of writing something similar, a DS inspired album, albeit a little on the lighter side with string vsts and granular stuff interspersed. I love DS, and I’m always glad to see genres evolve in different ways; definitely not a purist in that regard haha. Thanks for sharing!

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Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: Oh cool, would love to hear that. Yeah it’s an interesting genre!

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Very cool stuff. I checked out a few tracks will definitely be listening to more. There’s a game called Caves of Qud that definitely has some similar vibes.


Thanks :slight_smile: Ha googled that and found a review entitled “Caves Of Qud has added new villages and quests, but I failed to find any thanks to an irritable tortoise”. SOLD. :smiley:

20 chars This is my jam
Edit: thanks for posting about DS apps. I’ve dug up at least two based on your post and have a lot of fun with them

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No probs :slight_smile: glad to help, I should make a list some time, have found quite a few obscure ones now.

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I’d love to see that!

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I’ll try and start a Nintendo DS thread on here sometime with some of my favorites listed :slight_smile: