Soft Thoughts debut album

I’m really excited to let you all know about a new collaborative project called Soft Thoughts.

This started as a one-off, asynchronous, collaboration between Tim Condon (Fresh Snow), Michael Peter Olsen (Hidden Cameras), and myself and has evolved into an ongoing project.

It started as simply as sending some unfinished bits and pieces to each other over email and recording more tracks, editing, and repeating. We all had lots of recorded material that was dismissed, forgotten, or had been part of other things but never really completed.

Michael added layers of electric cello to some terrible field recordings I had lying around, some of which I had used in Disquiet Junto projects earlier… and Tim had a bunch of random synth noises and lines recorded that we all layered on top of and edited.

In the end it turned into a sometimes ambient, somethings jarring, often odd collection of pieces.

The album is out today on a local extreme-short-run CD label called Arachnidiscs.

And we’re actually starting to perform together, trying to improvise our way back to some of the things that happened in these recordings over a period of months and many exchanges.

The CD+download is on sale now, and downloads will be available soon.


Really enjoyed this listen.

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