Softbits: rapid history

foreign lands. imagined smells. half here. half gone. mirrored. timeless shifting color. in a forest clearing, taken by a new shape.

softbits is @kelli_cain and @tehn

we’ve been playing shows for years, often making new songs for each show. they tend to vanish shortly after as we resume building machines and creating ceramics and tending plants. recording is hard.

these collected recordings are chance captures while preparing for approaching events across various geographies— los angeles, san francisco, nyc, azores, minneapolis— yet solidly grounded in our mountain surroundings— wind, leaves, birdsong, stars.

thank you for listening.


Thank you for sharing, and finding the time to record. (True: living/being/working in the moment hardly motivates to spend time to capture and preserve. But it’s so worth it!)

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@laborcamp thank you! trying to reassess our attitude about documentation… we can get back into that conversation next time we see you :sweat_smile:


We have a lot of crows here in Tokyo. The aggressive ones will even attack people. I keep thinking what it would be like to see through the piercing eyes of a crow, and this could be the soundtrack to that vision. I love the suggested yet erratic heartbeats…

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The kick on pure crow is a thing of beauty. Sampled or synthesized?


It’s not always easy to commit to a recording and the ‘finality’ of it, so I’m really glad you two put this out. The clips I’ve seen and heard of your shows always seemed wonderful.


mysteries, algae, lips :heart:


I’m calling it now:

storm pale is my song of the summer 2019.

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That’s super. I remember the show at Better for Living in San Francisco fondly.


So good.
Unofficial Softbits band photo!


ándale :slight_smile:

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thank you everyone!

@rainlet kick on pure crow is actually norns/playfair so it’s one of the sampled x0x kits we bundled (not sure which), combined with some self-resonating three-sisters. this is the setup with most of the tracks, though some use a straight pinged 3sis for the kick. everything is mushed through the mixer and somewhere over-dramatically eq’d

there is virtually no automation in these recordings (an arpeggiator on some, playfair) so performances are an unmetered hand-flurry


Looks like MLRV on the laptop?

Whatever it is, it is huge on a decent sound system.

Sounds great!

I’m a bit of a compulsive search-about-what-I’m-listening-to type, and was slightly amused to find a blog post about the two of you on Martha Stewart’s website! Furniture music?

Just picked this up.
Love it already!!!