Softcut position/phase going slightly out of range

Softcut gurus - Trying to sort out if behaviour I’m seeing is an error in what I’m doing, or maybe a bug in softcut.

General situation:

I have a softcut voice set to play with a rate of zero. Let’s say this is voice 3 and it starts at 6 seconds. Then with a phase poll I change the rate - mapped to an encoder for example. The resulting phase/position sometimes goes slightly out of range - like 0.0999999 before the buffer start point - at which point the buffer voice will no longer play or move with the encoder (which could be just the phase poll no longer working?)

If I set the buffer voice to loop, then no problem.

Has anyone run into this or something similar?

I’ll try to come up with a test script at some point. The thing I’m working on is a bit of a mess and is using some newer norns features so I’m not sure it would make any sense as is.

probably a bug. need repro case. softcut 3.0 is closer (yes i know it’s slow) and rewrites everything.

(i think if loop is off, then some checks are skipped that probably shouldn’t be.)


I’ll try to simplify a repo case and send it your way.