Software and AU/VST's that are Monthly subscriptions

I am really digging seeing companies going down the route of monthly subscriptions or rent to own.

An unintended benefit is that It has also helped justify canceling other non music subscriptions I wasn’t using or where taking valuable time up.

I know there are demo’s with most if not all software, but for me I either get busy during the trial period or just simply forget until its too late lol.

So paying $5-$15 bucks a month for a $400 suite or synth or DAW is the bees knees. I will add more as I come across them. So far I know of a few off the top of my head. Check Below and please feel free to share! Someone out there get busy and get Softube on board! :wink:

+++ Reason studios: Reason + (now as a plugin also… no brainer for me!!)

+++ Sonic Lab

+++ Kilohearts

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Puremagnetik is that way. Cheaper on the subscription plan.


Ahhhh word of the day and good to know! I saw trash 2 and some others where going for pretty cheap but a bigger bundle SaaS would be nice from them!

We’re on Plugin Alliance, which has a huge plugin bundle. One benefit that I didn’t realize is that it’s exposing a lot of more traditional producers to our plugins. I actually had a cool conversation with someone at Steinberg yesterday who showed me SpecOps running inside of Spectralayers 8. He only found out about us after doing the Mega bundle, and he ended up loving our stuff.


I’ve been on PA’s site quite a bit and completely missed that! Wow lots of goodies and that end of year voucher is a brilliant idea to keep the subs around