Software grids emulation?

Hey all,

Apologies if there’s something obvious I’ve missed here, but I’m wondering it there’s a software ‘emulation’ of the grids out there so I can work thru a few patches without a physical grid handy?

I have fond memories of playing around with Decisions, Corners, Parc and Xor back in the day, but sadly no longer have my walnut64. Saving up to replace it, but would be thrilled to play around with some ideas in the meanwhile – thanks a ton!

some apps are specifically built to allow one to use Lemur or TouchOSC? I think re:mix is one such?

Actually, if one has some knowledge of Max, it seems (NB: I haven’t tried and won’t try) like one could make a fake grid as follows:

  • create an appropriately-sized “grid” UI object.
  • create a little “translator” that will take button presses and transmit grid OSC messages, and also takes grid LED messages and responds appropriately on the UI.
  • create a “spoof” of the serialosc object that accepts and spits out the same kinds of messages, but instead just passes messages from your UI object.
  • edit any grid Max patch by dropping in your spoofed serialosc.
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There are also emulations of a grid and the Trilogy modules in VCVRack if that’s something you’re into.

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ah thanks all!

@alanza - yes - that’s exactly what I had in mind. I do a fair amount of work with Max, but am a little stumped on ‘spoofing’ the serialosc object (I imagine this is pretty easy though - reckon I just need to take another look at the grid studies docs)

@csboling yah! VCV rack is tops. Thanks for the rec - I’m taking a look to see if I can connect the VCV emulated grid to some of the old max apps now

i think spoofing serialosc is actually mostly not too bad: the main thing is you want to just send the OSC messages to another Max patcher instead of to another program. You probably have to do something sensible with the other inputs and outputs, and think about the connect/disconnect message too, which is probably not horrible either?

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@mdg you can also totally borrow my monochrome 64 if you don’t need varibright!

I’ve tried doing this with [matrixctl] and it’s not too bad, but I did run into issues. [matrixctl] displays what it stores, which is different from the monome so it isn’t a perfect fit. Maybe you can use the gridmonitor for display and another object for input/button presses?

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holy hecc - thanks so much man! will DM- We’re long overdue for a hang in any case < 3

Glad to know this is do-able(ish) on software too, I think even two matrixctl’s (one for input, one for display) would totally work – gonna try and hack this together soon lol