Software melodic step sequencing with good hardware integration?

I tried this post on /r/ableton, but perhaps lines is a better fit. I’m an Ableton user and imagining a tactile integration with M4L “Mono sequencer”. I was wondering whether there is a way to achieve it what I describe (even if it means using a different sequencer). I have a Push 2, and am not really a fan of it step sequencing with grids - likewise with the Monome options.

The MIDI controller side of things seems easy - there is the infamous Behringer BCR2000, the X-Touch Mini, and Midi Fighter Twister, Faderfox SC4

I want each knob to represent a step, with the ability to page between different sections of a longer loop. Each knob alters the value of the step (pitch, velocity, repeat, gate length, probability…), depending on what bank the controller is in. LED feedback would be very useful to keep the focus on the controller and not on the screen.

Perhaps for the larger controllers each row of knobs could be a step, and each column could be a different set of values to be tweaked (first row pitch, second row velocity…?) OR it could be used to edit much longer sequences (eg the Twister could progam a 16-step sequence) and again some mechanism to page between banks.

This is sort of approaching the experience of analog sequencers, or perhaps the Cirklon which can use encoders for note values.

Is there anything like that out there? The Twister’s in built sequencer doesn’t seem well-suited for melodies, the Zaquencer and Faderfox is almost there but stores data on the device rather than in the Ableton session (and with a richer sequencing options).

Is the squarp pyramid in the right ballpark?

Could be, but I was hoping for an interface to a software sequencer, rather than standalone.

Sounds like something that could be built in Max or Reaktor

Five 12 - Numerology has great Launchpad support, and is updated regularly:

It’s also fully modular.

The melodic sequencer in here seems to be what you’re looking for. Specific to Midi Fighter Twister and Bitwig, unfortunately, but the approach could be adapted to other environments or devices.

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Sorry, misread the title :blush:

in other words, you imagine the Elektron sequencer :slight_smile:

Thanks @jasonw22 and everyone else for your help. That Twister script is getting close to what I had in mind albeit Bitwig-only.

I’ve got a bunch of Elektron machines, but it’s not their sequencer that I’m after. If each of their trigs was an encoder it would be really great - then you’re closer in Cirklon territory. I think I’m just sick of buttons :sweat_smile:

Edit: This edited version of Mono sequencer supports the APC40! I’ll see if I can figure out how it works.

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Try the numerology forum, Software wise, I think Numerology is perfect. but there are so many controller options, that might be the best place to ask.