Software Sequencers with preset patterns, randomize, note input, etc

I work for a composer who has lately been asking me to find a sequencer (pitch & gate, not a drum trigger seq.), ideally in software for recall/workflow that has the following functionality:

• contains preset sequences
• randomize
• note input and playback

It doesn’t have to be software, could be a hardware module or box.

I’ve looked at some reaktor patches, but so many of the interfaces are less than intuitive and often have tiny displays (hard for older cats to read the GUI’s).

For now I’m setting him up with iOS app “Riffer”, but syncing it with Pro Tools is not so elegant.

I’m wondering if there might be something out there I’m overlooking?

Thanks in advance for any tips!!

Riffer is monophonic, not sure if that matters for your use case.

I recommend looking into Numerology. It not only has random functions but can also evolve sequences. Can work as AU, VST, or standalone.

Coldcut’s midivolve max for live device is also pretty great if you prefer that form factor and environment.


When you say preset sequences do you mean that you want to be able to create sequences and then recall them or play through them randomly? Or that you want the sequencer to have pre-set sequences already loaded?

One thing to consider is creating a series of midi clips in Live and then working with the “next clip” (not sure what real name for this is) settings to control randomization between which clips are loaded. That way you can create phrases of arbitrary lengths and see how they recombine.

You can then play through those and record them in timeline view and chop and edit the good ones at will.

yeah, monophonic maybe ok…

I’ll check numerology, thanks! We typically use pro tools but I may be able to work around.
I have a tab open for the midievolve now :wink:

big thanks!

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Standalone version should work fine. Has flexible midi output options.

If you’re willing to use an ipad or even iphone, there are tons of amazing sequencers on the cheap.

Practically every soft synth in there even includes a sequencer with recording options and midi out playback.

Something like this comes to mind:

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I meant it contains preset patterns/sequences. Also capability to save as preset is nice.


I get that and have done it myself. It’s not really something I can setup for a 60+ year old composer, it needs to be more immediate so he can use it when I’m not around.


yeah, we’re using iPad too, but a simple step sequencer is not what we’re looking for. That’s all easily accomplished within protools.

Will check out Rozeta thought, thank you!

Rozeta is a solid recommendation. I’d also take a look at Fugue Machine. Conceptually it’s a bit different since it’s as much a multi-playhead tape machine as it is a sequencer. But it satisfies all your other requirements and is immensely fun to work within.


Sounds like the sequencer I made for Norns, largely inspired by the Elektron sequencer and the Endless sequencer of an OP-1. Randomization everywhere, but it became so complicated and very hard to document that I never released it :expressionless: (It’s still a wip though)

That being said, if it’s supposed to be custom and powerful, what about a Max standalone and/or M4l device ? You could use the Live step sequencer as a starting block (randomization is built in) or perhaps start something new and work with a Dictionary + a JS object and a multi-slider object


Wow - Not being familiar, I downloaded it tonight. I love it!! Thank you for mention, @bran — I love that each of the four separate channels play at different speed and separate midi channel too. Seems from the same maker as the Arpeggionome, which I’ve used for years. Fugue looks intense and is immediately very beautiful sounding. Looking forward to connecting to other equipment with it.

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Yeah, getting creative with its playhead midi routing is where the action is and can send you on some exciting adventures.

I use it with my modular system, where each channel gets routed to Hermod tracks — themselves configured with the built-in arpeggiator, Euclidean generator, chance effect, etc.

I guess you could even use it to drive other iOS midi processors like Rozeta.


I like using Thesys. Its fun and should be suitable for 60+ year old composers :grin:

“A refined Randomizer is ready, whatever the current situation, to mutate existing material or to bring a new approach on the table.”


… and I love to use Chord Potion a lot recently. Great fun!!

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thanks! I love Fugue machine, use it a lot.
no randomize options though…

looks very cool, thanks a lot!

Sounds like an ideal project for a custom SuperCollider sequencer