(SOLVED) Can't mount Teletype in eurorack case

Finally, after some time I was looking at it, I got a Teletype! But I’m having an annoying little problem right at the start: I can’t screw it to the rails (or better I can fasten only two of the screws on the right or on the left, the other two won’t go in, because the holes are partially covering the threads).
I have a very standard eurorack case with vector rails and M3 threaded strips and never had any issues with any modules… so am I doing something wrong or are the holes on the Teletype misplaced?

That’s a known problem with threaded strips. Mine was the same.
Just get yourself a small, cheap, round diamond file for a couple of bucks and enlarge two of the wholes slightly to make them fit.
You won’t even see it when TT is screwed into the case later.

I guess that’s what I’ll do! thanks a lot!

old teletypes have this problem, but the new faceplate should be fine in threaded racks. tehn sent me a new faceplate and I put it on my old tele, fixed the problem for me.

if that’s possible I’ll write him about it! thanks for letting me know!

Same problem here…

indeed, apologies for the trouble. i obviously should’ve bought a doepfer case immediately instead of the newfangled sliding nut cases. not impressed with myself.

e-mail info@monome.org

Just in case anyone doesn’t know, you can swap the threaded strips in Doepfer cases with DIN 562 M3 square nuts, if you’d rather have sliding nuts.

I don’t think Doepfer uses Vector rails though. For Vector rails you need M2.5 square nuts (but I don’t know if they’re DIN 562 spec or not).


Hi, i tried to contact you by email an here by PM about that problem but i’ve not been able to reach you :confused: . I’ve just bought a new case without sliding nuts and i got a TT from the first batch and it doesn’t fit in. So, is there a way to swap my old faceplate for a new version one?

You can swap the faceplate, I did ask about that some time ago and at the time they still had some (that might have changed though).
But you can also just really easily enlarge the holes towards the inside a bit, using a small metal file. That’s what I did and it was a 2-min job.
tehn is probably really busy atm (maybe going to Superbooth?).

Really? Not exhibiting though. Any other Lines members planning on attending?

That would my second option but I don’t really feel comfortable with it (and I would have to find someone with that kind of tool).

I was just speculating. No idea if he’s attening or not. I only know that I am not attending :slight_smile:

I can totally understand that it might not be the optimal solution. If you do however want to go that way, a small metal file is probably less than 5€ and can be found in any hardware store.

I am more concerned about my dexterity on that one :grin:

email info@monome.org !

I already did that a month ago (27th of March exactly). Maybe did it land in the spam directory?

indeed, dug it out of spam

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