[Solved] Clocking Proper Reset on Kria from Clock to sync

Hey everyone,
I have an Ansible being clocked by Pam’s (which is being clocked from a master clock) and I’ve realized, I would really like to have the clock reset setup where when I start everything up, the first pulse is on the first beat of Kria.

I know that’s not really the point of Kria, but having a Run input to Pam’s means that I can do my best to write interesting melodies using Kria in time with everything else. Anybody have any good tips for pinging the reset so as to have everything in time?


WELL! I just figured it out with a phase of 1% and now it works great. Wow, that’s classic.

Pam’s also has the “trigger once on stop” feature, it’s one of the clock divisions. I find that works best, resets Kria every time you stop Pam’s. And it sounds like less work than dialing in the right phase.

There’s also “trigger once on start”, is that the one you’re using now?


Yeah, I didn’t know about the Pam’s has a trigger once on stop. So, that is amazing and exactly how I will make this work. Thanks!

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I’m just gonna revive this to say thanks for this thread. “trigger once on stop” is the trick for Pam’s+Kira.